Musk Hands Over Tesla’s Technology

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Musk Hands Over Tesla’s Technology

Elon Musk, Tesla Motors Inc.’s co-founder, announced that their patents will be available at no charge as the company looks to expand adoption of battery-powered automobiles. Tesla will give access to all its “several hundred” patents and will not sue those who use them in “good faith”. Musk makes this bold revelation following a pledge made at the company’s last annual meeting. Musk says that intellectual property rights are inhibiting to others and contradicts the company’s promise of clearing a path to accelerate the advancement of compelling electric vehicles and sustainable transportation.

NASA to Launch Satellite for Carbon Dioxide Charting

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is planning to launch its first satellite dedicated to measuring carbon dioxide levels in the Earth’s atmosphere. The $465 million Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2) mission aims to provide a more complete picture of sources of carbon dioxide as well as sinks where CO2 is absorbed. On average, the Earth’s oceans and plants absorb about half of the nearly 40 billion tons of CO2 each year. The satellite is set to be launched on July 1st fron the Vandenberg Air Force Base online casino in California.

Vestas Must Cut Turbine Cost to Be Relevant, Says CEO

Vestas Wind Systems A/S must cut the cost of its wind turbines in order to be more relevant in China, the industry’s largest market, says CEO Anders Runevard. The company is planning to include more local content in wind turbines that are sold in China. To further reduce costs, Vestas also plans to remove some features used in more regulated European markets such as lighting, noise minimization and de-icing capability, adds Runevad. In the next three to five years, Vestas is targeting growth in China, Brazil and India, three emerging markets that make up about half of the world turbine demand.

Kazakhstan Sets Prices for Renewables

The government of Kazakhstan has set tariffs for energy produced by renewable in a bid to get 3 percent of electricity from cleaner sources by the end of the decade. The price of 1 kilowatt-hour for energy produced by wind turbines was set at 22.68 tenge (12 U.S. cents), solar at 34.61 tenge, small hydro at 16.71 tenge and 32.23 tenge from biogas plants. Currently the largest oil producer in Central Asia, Kazakhstan needs to spend $3.2 billion a year to push the nation closer to its green goals by 2050, according to calculations from the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources.


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