New Development in Support of E15 & Texas Adding More Wind Power

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A new label has been proposed for E15, Maxwell Technologies receives DARPA contract and Texas gaining even more wind power.

New Label Proposed for E15

Perhaps in response to the petition filed against the EPA regarding E15, Growth Energy is proposing a new label for the ethanol blend that will provide more accurate and detailed information for consumers. The new label, according to Growth Energy, should clearly state that the fuel blend contains 15 percent ethanol and such a fuel is approved only for 2007 and newer model cars, light trucks, and Flex Fuel vehicles.  Furthermore, the tag should state that the fuel is prohibited in any other vehicle and non-road equipment or engines. The company’s comments were formally submitted to the EPA soon after the discussion began due to the lawsuit filed by The National Petrochemical and Refiners Association that argues the EPA’s decision to allow E15 is unfair.

Maxwell Technologies Receives DARPA Contract
Maxwell Technologies was granted a $1.7 million contract by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to build a program to develop an improved energy source for field radios and other portable electronics carried by army personnel. Maxwell will lead a team that can research and develop an energy source that can run for longer and is lighter than the current system of bulky spare batteries. Personnel in the field today carry batteries that weigh more than 60 pounds to power their electronic equipment. Possible energy sources include renewable and alternative power.

Texas Gaining Even More Wind Power
Here Enterprises, Inc. is developing its own wind energy project in Floresville, Texas. The state is the top location for wind power in the country, with 9,272-MW of installed capacity. Texas has been dominating the industry since 2009. The American Wind Energy Association reported that the six largest farms in the nation are in Texas. Wind is responsible for 6.2 percent of Texas’s electricity production in 2009, an increase from 4.9 percent in 2008.

Massachusetts Sets Ambitious Energy Goal
The state of Massachusetts has taken on a new energy goal. Ian Bowles, the secretary of the Massachusetts Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, announced the state will cut greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent compared to 1990 levels by 2020. The Massachusetts Clean Energy and Climate Plan hopes by 2050 to curb up to 80 percent of the emissions. In order to achieve its new goals, the state aims to reduce emissions in several areas: buildings, electricity supply, transportation and non-energy emissions.

World’s First BioEnergy Center Acquires Funding
INEOS Bio and New Planet Energy have been awarded a $75 million loan guarantee from the USDA’s 9003 Biorefinery Assistance Program. Funds will be allotted toward the construction of INEOS’s BioEnergy Center, the first of its kind, in Vero Beach, Fl. The center will provide eight million gallons of biofuel and six megawatts of renewable power from biomass annually. The center has been creating jobs, 55 to date and production is scheduled to begin in 2012 meaning even more job openings. The INEOS Bio technology is a patented process using anaerobic fermentation where bacteria convert biomass gases to ethanol. The Florida center is the first in the world to use such a process.

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