New England Clean Power Link to Generate Around $400 Million Annually

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New England Clean Power Link to Generate Around $400 Million Annually

TDI New England’s proposed New England Clean Power Link will produce around $400 million every year in new economic activity for the region during the first ten years of commercial operations, according to research done by London Economics International. The 150-mile underground and underwater HVDC transmission line, to be located in Vermont, will deliver 1,000 MW of low-cost and clean energy into New England’s power market. The project is anticipated to begin service in 2019.

Researchers Develops Fuel Cells That Directly Converts Fuel to Electricity

Scientists from Washington State University have developed the first fuel cell that can directly convert fuels, such as gasoline and jet fuel, to electricity. The researchers developed a solid-oxide fuel cell that is similar to a battery in that it has an anode, cathode and electrolyte to create electricity, but it uses fuel to create a continuous flow of electricity.  The process is said to be four times more efficient that a combustion engine making technology perfect for creating automobile and plane engines. The developers have made coin-sized fuel cells to prove the concept and plan to soon scale it up.

California Still Trying to Win Tesla’s Gigafactory

The Californian Senate recently made some aggressive moves intending to improve its chances of winning Tesla’s $5 billion battery Gigafactory. A new legislation, called California Senate Bill SB-1309, would remove many of the regulatory roadblocks that had made Tesla look elsewhere, despite already having many of Tesla’s manufacturing operations already based in the state. The EV manufacturer’s current plan is for its Gigafactories to break ground on at least two potential sites, and California continues to work to get at least one.

Los Angeles To Add 300 MW of New Solar Power Capacity

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is working on multiple agreements for the development of a huge 250 MW solar array in Kern County while also spurring construction of another 50 MW of solar power within the city of Los Angeles. The 250 MW Beacon Solar Project will be built 14 miles north of Mojave, along Highway 14, while rounding out the full 150 MW Feed-in Tariff (FIT) Program. Last year, LADWP initiated the Fit Set-Pricing program for 100 MW, becoming the biggest city in the nation to offer a Fit program.

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