NRG Bypasses Utilities. Supplies Solar Energy Directly to Consumers

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NRG Bypasses Utilities. Supplies Solar Energy Directly to Consumers

NRG Energy Inc., the largest power provider to U.S. utilities, has become a dissident in the $370 billion energy-distribution industry by supplying electricity directly to consumers. Desisting its utility clients, NRG is installing solar panels on rooftops of homes and businesses. NRG is the first operator of traditional, large-scale power plants to branch into establishing mini-generation systems that power a single building. The move strikes at the core business of utilities and considers NRG as a potential threat over the long term.

Wind Energy Peaks in the US, UK and Denmark

On Feb. 9, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas reported 9,481 MW of power reported 9,481 provided by wind – surpassing the old mark of 8,667 MW set a few weeks prior, and providing nearly 28 percent of system load. And earlier this month, Danish wind turbines sent close to 4GW into the grid sent nearly 4 GW into the grid, only about 800 MW shy of meeting the nation’s entire energy needs.  Hands down, the UK holds the title of being Europe’s Leader in Offshore wind, contributing nearly 60 percent of the region’s total 5 GW offshore capacity in 2012. The UK now has 870 turbines running in 20 offshore wind farms, which is twice as much as Denmark.

Romania to Trim Subsidies

Romania now plans to follow other nations in scaling back renewable energy subsidies to avoid further price increases. The country is planning to trim the maximum value of its green certificates this summer or early in 2014. Romania currently offers two green certificates per MWh from wind, but may reduce the number to one or 1.5, and to 3.5 from six for solar. Romania has already bumped-up electricity prices by 10 percent in 2013, with about 4 percent of the increase due to renewable-energy subsidies. The total cost of clean energy to consumers this year is around €500 million, which some experts say are too much for Romanians.

5 Middle East Nations Poised for Solar Boom

Solar markets in the Middle East are expected to grow massively, however, evaluating new solar market opportunities can be challenging. Market potential often rely on a number of complicated factors that are difficult to quantify or difficult to compare side by side for different regions. ClearSky Advisors’ analysis has boiled-down the complex factors surrounding market opportunities for more than 10 countries in the Middle East and has recognized 5 key markets that will drive the majority of demand in the region over the next two decades. More than 60 key factors were considered the forecasts in order to reveal distinctions in each market. The top 5 opportunities in the Middle East are: Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, UAE and Jordan.

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