Nudging Can Save Europe Billions on Electricity Bills

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Nudging Can Save Europe Billions on Electricity Bills

European energy consumers could save 2.4 billion euros from electricity bills using psychology to nudge them into consuming less, says energy-management firm Opower Inc. Using behavioral science insights, popularized in the book”Nudge” by Richard H. Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein, utilities can reduce consumption as much as 3 percent. Opower will use data from utilities to analyze customer habits and tailor recommendations on how to cut power use. They can also send household reports comparing usage with neighbors, and can even offer early warning if they are using more energy than normal.

Solar Manufacturers Set Record 2014 Shipments on Strong Demand

Solar makers are set to ship a record number of panels this year, with the biggest makers expected to deliver 52 percent more panel 52 percent more panel between them compared to last year’s deliveries. Trina Solar Ltd., First Solar Inc., JinkoSolar Holding Co., Canadian Solar Inc., and JA Solar Holdings Co. all reported profits in the quarter. Global installations are anticipated to reach a record 52 GW this year up from 40.3 GW last year. The top seven manufacturers expect to account for about 20 GW of that.

Germany’s Solarworld AG Announces Record Shipments            

Solarworld AG, the sole major German solar panel maker nbso online casino reviews that survived a plunge in prices triggered by competition from China, said it delivered near-record modules in August and the most in the company’s history last July and seeks to continue selling at the same pace for the following 18 months. The Bonn-based solar panel maker survived a solar price war that bankrupted more than a dozen competitors as cheap cells from China flooded the market. Solarworld has won rulings in the Europe and the U.S. against Chinese solar panel dumping.

Hanwha SolarOne Narrows Deficit in Second Quarter

Chinese solar PV maker Hanwha SolarOne recently announced its second quarter earnings, revealing that it has reduced its net loss to $8.8 million, a significant improvement from a year earlier. Hanwha was pleased with its 4.9 increase in shipments, despite losing grond on its gross profits as the industry attempts to make up lost ground caused by oversupply issues amidst a manufacturing glut and political instability throughout the second quarter. The majority of the shipments were to Japan (53%). The company has also increased its deliveries to the United States, to which accounts for 11% of its shipments.

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