Obama Announces The Better Building Initiative

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President Obama announces the Better Building Initiative, a new solar and wind farm under construction in Arizona, and what tequila and biofuels have in common.

President Obama Announces the Better Building Initiative

President Obama visited Wisconsin manufacturers last week and he is now taking his agenda for clean energy to the Energy Innovation Hub in State College, Pennsylvania. The President announced his Better Building Initiative at his visit. The goal is to achieve 20 percent improvement in energy efficiency in commercial buildings by the end of the decade. Such improvements are expected to save American businesses up to $40 billion annually. One part of the plan is a program called Race to Green, a competitive grant process that will encourage states and local governments to reform their building codes to enable energy efficient technologies.

A New Solar and Wind Farm Under Construction in Arizona

A large commercial wind and solar farm is under development on the Colorado Plateau in Arizona. The state’s utilities are required to generate 15 percent of their power from renewable energy sources by 2025. This project is another initiative taken with the support of the federal government to meet that goal. In fact, the Colorado Plateau has some of the best solar conditions in the country, making it a perfect location for solar farms. Wind conditions are also commendable on the southwestern edge of the Plateau in the Mogollon Rim, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The project will be designed and engineered by GWS Technologies.

Solar Power System Underway in California Vineyard

Construction has begun on a 516-kW solar power system for the Guimarra Vineyard Corporation in Bakersfield, California. The system will deliver enough energy to power 200 homes while offsetting 24 million pounds of CO2 emissions over the next two decades. HelioPower, a company with over 1,600 systems installed already, will work on the facility. The system will be ground mounted with a single-axis tracker system. The project is scheduled for completion early this summer.

$2 Million Saved by Solar Energy World Consumers

Solar Energy World declared that it saved consumers over $2 million last year through its solar panel installations, federal and state tax credits and local property tax credits. On the federal level, customers who opt for solar panels receive up to 30 percent tax credit.  Moreover, solar panel systems installed earn 700 Solar Renewable Energy Credits, currently valued at $360 per credit. Solar Energy World offers consumers a free online Solar Savings Calculator, which can estimate how much money a solar panel system can save for them.

The Plant that Gives Us Tequila is Now a Biofuel Producer

Tequila and biofuel are two feathers of a bird. The agave plant, notable as the source of tequila, is now seen as a high-yielding biofuel producer. Moreover, biofuel can be harvested alongside tequila production with minimal environmental harm, according to researchers. In addition, research is being conducted to figure out which Agave species can produce the highest yield in semi-arid regions.

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