Obama Emission Rules Overlook Gas Leaks, Says Scientists

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Obama Emission Rules Overlook Gas Leaks, Says Scientists

According to scientists, President Obama’s plan to fight global warming underestimates pollution from natural gas. Researchers from Stanford University, Cornell University and the U.S. National Oceanic nd Atmospheric Administration agree with the Environmental Protection Agency that natural gas emits about half as much carbon dioxide as coal when burned to produce electricity. The other concern is that methane leaks while natural gas is extracted, processed and transported, and methane caused more warming than equivalent amounts of carbon dioxide.

Global Energy Supply Needs Over $40 Trillion in Investments, Says IEA

Meeting the global energy demand by 2035 will require over $40 trillion of investments, says the International Energy Agency. More than half of the amount will be used to compensate for declining output at mature gas and oil fields, and the remainder on securing new supplies to meet rising demand. Two-thirds of the total will be spent in emerging economies. Investments in renewable energy will reach $6 trillion, with another $1 trillion to be dedicated to nuclear power. Spending on extracting oil and gas worldwide will also climb by 25 percent to $850 billion a year by 2035.

Public Transit Users Save $10,000 A Year Compared to Car Users

A report found that public transit users in 16 metros saved an average of around $10,000 annually, just by not driving a car to work. Based on the AAA 2013 cost-of-driving equation, along with the cost of unreserved monthly parking passes, the American Public Transit Association found that commuters save an average of $848 every month – this even factors in an unlimited passes for using local public transits. While some see this as simply is not an option, many individuals in cities like San Francisco and New York have shunned car-ownership if they can help it, thus leading to record levels of ridership.

Energy Firms Places Big Bets on Republican Senate Victory

Electric Utility political action committees are now giving more to Republicans to help them win a U.S. Senate majority and derail President Obama’s environmental program. Energy companies have donated 63percent of their cash this election cycle to Republican candidates. This represents a partisan turn-around from four years ago when they gave just 43 percent to Republican candidates and 55 percent to Republican candidates. Republicans need a net gain of six seats to secure Senate control.


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