Obama’s Brazil Visit has an Energy Agenda

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An energy discussion leads Obama’s Brazil visit, the EPA recognizes Washington DC as leading green power community and how the oil markets are reacting to the turmoil in the Middle East and Japan.

Energy Discussion Leads Obama’s Brazil Visit

President Barack Obama’s official visit to Brazil brought good tidings for the renewable energy industry right from the opening day. The first development was an expansion of the existing agreement between the nations to advance cooperation on biofuels. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed in 2007, and now includes a new partnership to develop aviation biofuels. In Brazil, various companies are already at work to develop such biofuels using sugarcane ethanol. The other major announcement is the Strategic Energy Dialogue involving development and access to Brazil’s petroleum reserves and research toward clean energy technologies. Energy was at the top of the docket for the countries as President Obama wrapped up his visit Sunday.


Insider View about the Ethanol Policy

Take some time off and enjoy Ken Glozer’s book about the political history behind the United States’ federal corn ethanol policy, Corn Ethanol: Who Pays? Who Benefits? He discusses how the policy began, changed and what political and market forces shaped the legislation since 1977. Glozer explores the officials that helped form and shape the policy. Glozer uses his 26 years of experience working at the White House Office of Management and Budget to delve into how the ethanol policy has worked alongside two presidents, three federal agencies, ethanol producers and corn growers. He also evaluates the Renewable Fuels Standard enacted in 2005. Grab the book and read about Glozer’s conclusions regarding the effectiveness of the policy.


EPA Recognizes Wash. DC as Leading Green Power Community

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced that the nation’s capital is leading the EPA Green Power Community of 36 such communities nationwide. Washington DC consumers are getting 756 million kWh of green power annually, that’s eight percent of the community’s total electricity use. Last Friday, a Green Power Challenge was launched to encourage businesses and residents alike to make the switch to clean energy to reach DC’s goal of purchasing 10 percent of power from green energy sources.


Oil Markets Adjust to Global Turmoil

Last week, we pointed out a great website, Argus, which helps consumers concerned about rising oil prices keep track of energy prices and the effects of the devastating Japan quake. Refining capacity has increased in Asia and decreased in the Mediterranean, according to Argus. Saudi Arabia is boosting production to offset the loss of the Libyan sweet crude. Because the earthquake shut down Japan’s 11,000-MW of nuclear generation capacity, the country is scrambling to rebuild itself with more oil-generated power.

LED Bulbs for Sale at Lowe’s

LED bulbs are not a faraway concept for the average consumer. Nexxus’ Array brand of LED bulbs will be sold in Lowe’s stores across the nation starting June 2011. Among the bulbs sold will include several that are already Energy Star certified. The bulbs are up to 80 percent more efficient than the traditional bulbs. Lowe’s has been awarded the Energy Star’s Sustained Excellence Award for Retail because of its continuous efforts to promote environmentally friendly products.

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