Odwalla Adds Natural Gas Fuel Cells To Its Energy Mix

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The Copenhagen Better Place Center encourages sustainable mobility, 2 companies collaborate on algae research, from healthy juices to healthy energy and Arizona schools get a solar makeover.

Arizona Schools Get Solar Makeover

Two electric systems have been completed in Phoenix, Arizona schools by Kyocera Solar. The two systems are 764-kW, offsetting 33 million pounds of carbon dioxide. The system at Copper Ridge School will provide 47 percent of the school’s energy usage. The other system, at Cholla Elementary School, is expected to offset 70 percent of the school’s energy needs. A local utility, Arizona Public Service will award the school district a rebate to help fund the installation.


From Healthy Juices to Healthy Energy

Odwalla, the juice maker, has recently installed five natural gas fuel cells at its packaging plant in Dinuba, California. The 500-kW Energy Server, originally developed by NASA, will supply 30 percent of the plant’s energy needs, reducing its carbon footprint by 35 percent. The fuel cell technology can convert numerous forms of fuel, from natural gas and biogas to air, into electricity.


Two Companies Collaborate on Algae Research

Monsanto Company and Sapphire Energy agreed to collaborate using Sapphire’s algae research to discover genes that can be applied to agriculture. Sapphire Energy works in bio-energy, using synthetic biology to produce fuel using algae. The partnership with Monsanto will help the company use Sapphire’s resources to find uses for the algae in agriculture, specifically in the field of increasing crop yield. This will, in turn, promote the use of algae as a renewable energy crop.


Copenhagen Better Place Center Encourages Sustainable Mobility

Better Place and its partner Renault have opened Europe’s first Better Place center. Visitors will be able to place an order for the Renault Fluence Z.E. using discounted prices and check out the new automobiles offering sustainable alternatives. The center is located in Copenhagen, Denmark and allows all visitors to test drive Fluence Z.E., with a switchable battery.


Solar Installation Underway in Omni Holdings in NJ

Solar Rainbow Services will install a 1-MW solar photovoltaic system over an Omni Holding Complex in New Jersey. The installation will provide 80 percent of the facilities’ needs, generating up to 1.1 million kilowatt-hours of power annually. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will refund up to 30 percent of the project’s cost. The project is divided into two phases, both of which are expected to reach completion by June.


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Solar energy really helps the economy and the invididual. The ideal situation is that you have solar panels installed, hook up to the electricity grid and then use less energy than you contribute so the electric company sends you a check in the mail every month instead of the other way around. Awesome idea, isn’t it? For some people this is already a reality.

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