Oregon Launches Statewide Energy Program

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The state of Oregon expands its pilot program to a statewide clean energy initiative, the NPRA launches a renewed campaign protesting E15 while Cycle Ranch hosts its first race after its clean energy makeover.

Oregon Launches Clean Energy Program

Oregon is launching a statewide Clean Energy Works program after the success of the pilot project in Portland. The pilot project sponsored 350 jobs and reached its goal of 500 energy efficient home upgrades. Oregon is now expanding the program, with the support of the DOE, with 17 communities throughout the state. The program expects to enroll 6,000 Oregon homes, creating 1,300 jobs by 2013.


IBM Developing Smart Grid Data System for UK

IBM and Cable&Wireless Worldwide are working together to develop a data and communications innovation, the UK Smart Energy Cloud. The program will provide an overview of energy usage for the United Kingdom using IBM’s leading smart grid software and programs. C&W Worldwide will provide the necessary communications backbone to bring the project operational. The Energy Cloud will be able to gather data multiple times a day from any smart meter in the UK and then store it in a secure software. This data will be sent to energy companies for assessment so that consumers can be sure to receive accurate bills. As the energy infrastructure grows, the Cloud will expand.


NPRA Launches Renewed Campaign Against E15

The National Petrochemical & Refiners Association is at it again, petitioning an EPA decree authorizing a 50 percent increase in the amount of ethanol mixed into gasoline for newer cars. The decision was made in January to allow E15 blend, or 15 percent ethanol. The newest lawsuit is filed by the International Liquid Terminals Association and the Western States Petroleum Association and comes after a series of legal challenges made after the EPA’s announcement to allow E15 in cars made 2007 and newer. The NPRA argues that the EPA is violating the Clean Air Act by issuing partial waivers allowing the ethanol blend in only certain engines.


Germany Leads European Cleantech

A new offshore wind park off the Baltic coast in Germany is boosting the nation’s clean energy capacity. The new development is entering testing phase, confirming Germany’s lead in renewable energy. Germany passed its climate goals for 2010, two years earlier than anticipated. Germany is Europe’s leading wind energy generator and is working on water efficiency and solar research.


Cycle Ranch Hosts its First Off-Roading Event

Here Enterprises will be hosting a nationally televised off road championship at its recently completed Cycle Ranch Motocross Track on April 30th. The Ranch is the site of Here Enterprises’ wind and solar project. The championship will bring in the top off-road racers and the ticket proceeds will go to the Cycle Ranch.

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