Pennsylvania Governor Announces Sustainability Initiatives

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Pennsylvania Governor Announces Alternative Energy Agenda

Governor Edward Rendell announced that his state will reduce its dependence on foreign oil by over a half-million gallons by investing in alternative energy projects. He claims that the 21 alternative fuel projects will create more than 200 jobs and will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 14.5 million pounds. A total of $30 million is going to be invested into renewable energy programs. Governor Rendell has allotted $7.9 million for the Alternative Fuel Incentive Grant Program to encourage innovation in dynamic technologies involving electric cars, biofuels, and other sustainability initiatives. “Two weeks ago, the Natural Resources Defense Council named Pennsylvania as the 7th least vulnerable state in the nation to oil price spikes because of our work to build a green economy here,” said Rendell. “That work has paid off and today, we have thousands of companies who are employing tens of thousands of workers in green collar jobs.”


Solergy Unveils Two Inventions at Press Conference in Milan, Italy

Solergy Inc. has developed two new products, the Solergy CPV and the Solergy Cogen CPV.  The former contains the world’s first all-glass concentrating lens that will guarantee performance even in harsh conditions. The Solergy CPV also has high precision tracking that will follow the sun and total thermal control for maximized cell operations. It also includes a cone concentrator module to produce energy. According to Solergy Inc., the invention operates twice as efficiently as a traditional photovoltaic panel and generates 1.5 times more electricity. The Solergy Cogen CPV offers Solergy’s patented cogeneration technology that uses the heat released during electricity production to create additional power. This innovation can serve in air conditioning and heating, water heating, industrial process heating, and water desalination. The Cogen CPV can generate three times the electric energy of a traditional PV panel.

IBM and Indian Institutes Team Up to Improve Power Grids

IBM and two Indian institutions, IIT Madras and IIT Kharagpur will collaborate to improve power grids to make them more efficient and productive. Researchers will develop designs to improve the performance of Phasor Measurement Units, sensors on power grids. The team will also create network architectures that will help them collect accurate data from the PMUs and then process it for grid operators. Their results and methods to improve PMUs will be shared worldwide to aid other grid technicians. “Existing power grids are facing technical challenges because of their outdated design and growing loads,” said Professor A.K. Sinha from IIT Kharagpur. “Through our knowledge in the power system application domain and IBM’s expertise our students will work towards developing an innovative grid management application to make the power grid more reliable.”

WindTamer Corp. Submits its Turbine for Testing

WindTamer Corp. has given its 8.0-GT turbine to global testing company, Intertek for inspection and certification. Intertek is responsible for verifying turbine adherence with national and international safety and efficiency requirements. The company will evaluate turbine design, laod verification, duration, function, power performance, and safety. Mark Matthews, WindTamer’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said: “Certification by a recognized, independent test facility will provide validation of our technology and will demonstrate our best-in-class performance.”

Ford Not Left Behind in Electric Race

Though the Nissan LEAF and Chevy Volt have been stealing the spotlight as far as electric cars go, Ford is not too far behind. The automaker is launching the Ford Focus Electric early next year. Initial markets for the car will range from Atlanta to Austin, Denver to Detroit, and Phoenix to Portland. The Focus Electric has a 100-mile range on a fully charged battery and uses a lithium-ion battery equipped with a liquid heating and cooling system. Ford says it will introduce the Focus Electric into additional markets depending on the success at its pilot launch cities.

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