Pennsylvania Sues Oil Firms Over Gas Additive Pollution

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Pennsylvania Sues Oil Firms Over Gas Additive Pollution

Chevron Corp., Exxon Mobil Corp., BP Plc and Citgo were among oil companies accused by Pennsylvania of groundwater pollution from a gasoline additive called Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE).  Pennsylvania’s move follows lawsuits similar to ones brought by New Hampshire, New York and Vermont. Kathleen Kane, the state’s Attorney General and Governor Tom Corbett’s office of general counsel file the complaint. MTBE’s are added to make fuel burn more efficiently, but Pennsylvania claims that less-polluting alternatives were available at the time oil companies jointly promoted gasoline with the additive.

French Workers Paid to Use Bikes for Commuting

In an experiment in France, the government is subsidizing employers who pay their workers to commute to and from work using pedal power. The program involves 20 employers and around 10,000 workers. The going rate is 1 Euro (34 cents) per kilometer. French workers travel over 800 million kilometers getting to and from work annually. The government ‘s goal is t get 5% of the workers to commute by bike.

India Likely to Ditch US and Asian Solar Dumping Duties

India’s power ministry is looking to scrap a proposal to impose dumping fines on imports of Asian and U.S. solar equipment because the duties threatens to undermine Prime Minister Modi’s plans to boost solar energy. The proposed tariffs ranging from 11 cents to 81 cents per watt is seen to more than double the price of imported panels. India has built 80 percent of its solar PV capacity using panels imported from the U.S., China, Malaysia and Taiwan

Norway PM Pledges to Support Oil Industry

Prime Minister Erna Solberg promised to protect the Norwegian oil industry from political interference as the central bank said it may cut interest rates to save western Europe’s biggest crude producer as investments slump. The Prime Minister’s comments come amid signs that investors are reluctant to pour more cash into their operations.  Solberg says that investors need not worry about delays cause by political wrangling. The government sees further development of its oil fields will lead to outputs of 650,000 barrels per day at its peak season.

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