Philips EcoVantage Incandescent Lighting Review

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Philips Lighting launched a new energy efficient line of incandescent light bulbs on Earth Day. The EcoVantage line is being sold exclusively at Home Depot. Philips sent me a 43-watt replacement (60 watt equivalent) to test. I now know why Philips would be rolling out an incandescent line of light bulbs when the government is phasing out the technology. I was very impressed with how strong the light quality was. I have a CFL installed near the new EcoVantage bulb and could easily tell the difference between the two. The EcoVantage bulb had a much warmer feel than the CFL.

This doesn’t mean that people should go back to using incandescent technology.  But, incandescent light bulbs still have some applications that do make sense (the bulb was installed in a recessed can in a living room with low ceilings). While the bulb lasts only1250 hours (as compared to 10,000 hours or more with some CFL’s) buyers of the line will enjoy a 28% energy savings from normal incandescent light bulbs.  The EcoVantage line also includes 29-watt replacement (40-watt equivalent) and a 72-watt replacement (100-watt equivalent).

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» Kanaga said: { Apr 27, 2011 - 07:04:36 }

Please note that if you are thinking of Energy efficiency plan to use LED lamps. The prices are going down and the efficiency is going up. CFL lamps have the added problems of not mercury free and if repeatedly switched on and off (with about 800 switching operations) will fail. This may be less than a year of use in places washrooms in a house. If the LED lamp prices also comes close to that what China now quotes it will be an attractive replacement very soon.

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