Residential Solar Installations at an All-Time High in Q3 of 2012

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Residential Solar Installations at an All-Time High in Q3 of 2012

The US Solar Market Insight: Third Quarter 2012 reports that more than 118 MW of solar PV capacity was added to the United States residential sector in Q3, a growth of 12 percent since last quarter and the strongest showing ever in a single quarter. Chief among the reasons for the boom in residential solar PV adoption was the dramatic cost reduction of solar products as well as availability of solar leasing opportunities. California was ranked the number one state in the country with the biggest gains in solar PV, adding 194 new installations in Q3. The report also reveals that there are now more than 271,000 solar PV installations in the United States capable of generating 5.9 GW of electricity. The total US capacity now stands at 6.4 GW.

U.S. Solar Installers Confirms Dramatic Price Drop

EchoFirst Inc., the leading maker of residential hybrid solar systems, has published a consumer guide entitled “Five Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Solar in 2013.” The guide aims to bring homeowners up to date on the state of solar and highlights results of a recent poll in which 17 out of 20 solar installers in 13 U.S. states said solar prices has dropped significantly. Homeowners are advised to take advantage of the lower prices now since solar prices are expected to rise again as the global oversupply of solar panels recedes and new tariffs come into play. The poll results confirm a recently published study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, which found that solar prices fell substantially in 2011 and through the first half of 2012. The guide is available here:

SolarX  Energy Introduces Hybrid Solar Energy System

SolarX Energy today announced the launch of its much anticipated SolarX Hybrid – a total solar energy solution that couples thermal (hot water) production output of over 100,000 BTUs per day with electrical power production of up to 1.0 kilowatt per day. The new system combines the features of the company’s patented parabolic solar thermal collector with peripherally mounted photovoltaic panels, which generate electrical power by instantaneously converting solar radiation into electricity. The device precisely follows the sun’s position for maximum solar efficiency, increasing l production by more than 25%. The unit is a stand-alone energy system for remote areas – a welcome relief for such diverse off-the-grid operations as agricultural sites and third-world hospitals.

Advanced Energy Inverters Used in First Oregon’s Utility-Scale Solar Project

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. announced that its utility-scale AE 500NX inverters were used for The Black Cap Solar Facility, Oregon’s first utility-scale solar energy project and is also the largest utility-owned and operated solar energy site in the state..The AE 500NX features a high-power, transformer-less, bipolar design, which reduces balance of system cost and increases return on investment. The inverter allows solar project stakeholders to offer system owners a lower levelized cost of energy and confidence their PV system will deliver on long-term production goals. The Black Cap Solar Facility was dedicated on Friday, Nov. 9, and provides solar energy equal to the annual usage of approximately 400 average customer homes. The project consists of 9,000 panels installed on 20 acres of land, incorporating tracking technology to follow the path of the sun and increase energy harvest throughout the day.

New Technology Enables European Countries to Easily and Efficiently Dispose Toxic Sludge

Applied CleanTech signed an agreement this week with entrepreneurs in Slovenia and Croatia, for the establishment of 200 Applied Clean Tech units at the countries’ wastewater treatment facilities. The new technology will enable Slovenia and Croatia to transform their sewage waste into high-quality raw materials for the global plastics and paper industry. The technology is implemented in an automatic and efficient facility which recycles raw sewage solids and transforms them into high energy products through a continuous process. At the end of the process, the sewage solids turn into a clean and environmentally-friendly raw material with high energy potential, establishing the treatment facility as a manufacturer of surplus green energy. The Company’s development was designed to solve the problems of sewage treatment, and is the only one of its kind worldwide.

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