Review Of “2012 Global Cleantech Directory: 100 Cleantech Lists That Matter”

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“2012 Global Cleantech Directory: 100 Cleantech Lists That Matter”, written by Shawn Lesser, is a fantastic resource guide that highlights interesting cleantech facts about a combination of 100 countries, states, cities and company’s. This coversation piece, which is built from a book of lists, provides a relevant discussion about the initiatives, and influencers around the world and how these stakeholders are moving clean technology to a period of significant growth and innovation.

I really like how the lists are organized; alphabetically. Each “Top 10” gives quick and poignant nuggests of wisdom. The lists that I found most interesting include Apple. This list highlights the Mac Mini as being touted as the most energy efficient desktop computer found in the market today. The device’s power supply requires 85 watts and boats an 89% efficiency rating.

Another interesting list was one that discussed Google and their work in clean tech. Recently the company chose to become its own electric utility, thereby giving it more control on the energy mix (more renewables) and pricing. In addition, the company has also made investments in biofuels projects. It will be interesting to see how these investments turn out.

The list that discussed the efforts by the city of Philadelphia was definitely unexpected yet very informative. We’ve reported in the past that the Philadelphia Eagles Football Stadium is to being powered with renewable energy. What is also noteworthy in this list is the fact that the city hosts the World Green Energy Synposium each year and that the Naval Yard is spending a lot of dollars and effort adding renewable energy to their energy mix.

In closing, the thing that I found most interesting about Shawn’s book was that it was compiled over years of publishing these lists in publications all over the internet. It’s becoming more and more common for publishers to re-purpose content and Shawn’s efforts have served him quite well. To purchase the book, click here.

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