Rising Coal Use Imperils EU Emissions Deal

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Rising Coal Use Imperils EU Emissions Deal

The European Union’s attempt to cut greenhouse-gas emissions is threatened again as even developed member nations from the bloc has increased consumption of cheap coal. Germany, Europe’s biggest economy, increased coal burning by 13% in the past four years. Use in Britain, third largest in the region economically, also posted an increase of 22 percent, statistics from BP Plc show. The EU is seeking to cut a deal in October that would reduce greenhouse gases 40 percent by 2030. The European Environment Agency said that Germany is moving in the wrong direction because of its increased dependency on coal.

Greenco Earnings Soars 55% After Doubling Renewable Energy Capacity

Greenco Group Plc, an Indian renewable energy developer, posted a 55 percent increase in full-year profit after doubling its generating capacity. The company’s net income climbed to 9.3 million euros ($12.7 million), up from 6 million euros from last year. Greenco’s current operational capacity of 661 MW is more than double that of last year, after bringing 348 MW of wind projects online. The developer is seeking to reach the 1 Gigawatt mark by 2015 and 2 Gigawatts by 2018. It currently has 423 megawatts of hydropower and wind projects under construction.

Russia to Halt Nord Stream Gas Pipe for Maintenance

Nord Stream, the longest subsea natural gas pipeline in the world, will shut the link from Russia to Germany for 11 days of planned maintenance that will start on June 24. The maintenance schedule plotted on the company website shows it will cut natural gas supply by 100 percent June 24 to 28 and 50 percent June 28 to July 4. The 761-mile pipeline can transport as much as 55 billion cubic meters of gas annually, enough to supply 12 percent of the EU’s 28 member nation’s demand. The works will include annual maintenance of mechanical components and testing of its automation set-up.

Toyota Sees Solid State Batteries to be the Next Step for EV’s

In the long term, Toyota sees lithium-air batteries as the answer to EV range concerns, but in the mean time, solid-state lithium-ion batteries are seen to be a stepping stone toward longer-range travel.  Charged EVs reported that the Japanese car maker has already developed a prototype solid-state battery which is less than half the density of lithium-air batteries, but still bests the current lithium-ion technology. Solid-state batteries do-away with the liquid chemical solution that batteries rely on, replacing them with a solid electrolyte between the anode and cathode, thus allowing for a design that eliminate the space between individual cells, translating into more power in a smaller package.

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