Seawater for Sustainable District Heating Utilized in Holland

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Seawater for Sustainable District Heating Utilized in Holland

Duindorp, a small community near The Hague, Holland, has been the home of the world’s first district heating system which turns seawater into a sustainable source of energy. Realized in 2008, the system efficiently generates 15 kWh of heat from just 1 kWh of electricity. It uses intake valves to draw up to 190,000 gallons of seawater every hour into a facility that sends filtered water through five miles of pipes to 800 homes. During summer months, harbor water hovers around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, to which is boosted by in-home grid-connected heat pumps to reach 150 degrees for heating and warm water. In winter months, a 3MW exchanger is used to boost the temperature.

Repsol Gets Clearance to Drill off Spain’s Canary Islands

Spain’s Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Repsol SA’s oil exploration project off the nation’s Canary Islands. The decision removes one of the last few hurdles remaining Spain’s largest oil company to begin drilling off Lanzarote and Fuerteventura Islands near West Africa. Should the oil giant find oil, it has estimated the project will cost around $10.2 million. The Supreme Court justices rejected seven appeals against Repsol’s permits, and sentence will be published in the coming days.

SunPower Offers Storage Solution to Hold Solar Power Until Night

SunPower, the second-biggest U.S. solar manufacturer, is offering energy-storage technology to California residents that will power houses t night with power generated from sunlight during the day. SunPower will be testing systems that combine battery storage with rooftop solar panels in new homes built by KB Home. The company expects to install only about 10 of the systems in KB Home houses, but expects it to become standard in five years time. Homeowners in Irvine, El Dorado Hills and San Diego can own the Windows and doors Hamilton systems with the cost being incorporated onto their mortgages, says Steve Ruffner, president of KB’s southern unit.

U.K. Green Investment Bank to Fund Offshore Wind

The U.K Green Investment Bank plans to raise 1 billion pounds of funds to finance offshore wind projects in Britain. The bank will tap infrastructure investors and pension funds within the next six months in order to start new developments, says CEO Shaun Kingsbury.  GIB is looking to invest 700 million to 800 million pounds more this fiscal year and offshore wind is probably the area that needs the most capital over the next few years, added Kingsbury.

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