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The City of Coconut Creek, Florida is a well-planned community with a unique environmental consciousness that is known as a green community.  Our green accomplishments have been recognized by numerous organizations such as, Tree City USA, American Planning Association, National Wildlife Federation, and Audubon International, just to name a few.  We are officially trademarked as the “Butterfly Capital of the World®“ to reinforce our community identity as a green City and to strengthen our commitment to creating a culture of green excellence.

In keeping with our efforts, the City adopted a 10-year green plan with a range of action steps to address environmental issues facing the City.  Each action step is categorized under sustainable themes ranging from urban design to water conservation to climate change.  Each year, the plan is evaluated and the progress of the action steps is reported.

Of importance to the City are our community energy goals. Our community energy goals are outlined in various action steps with specific targets for conservation and renewable energy, and range from community-wide plans to city operations.  Below are some examples of our current efforts.

City Operations

In 2009, the City established benchmarks on GHG emissions from our operations.  We achieved an 11% reduction in 2012 based on the following elements:

  • Energy conservation projects at public buildings
  • Reduction in energy consumption through electrical services
  • Solar energy for city identity signs
  • Purchase of alternative fueled vehicles in fleet

Sustainable Home Repair

As part of affordable housing trust fund, the City is funding a Sustainable Home Repair program for workforce income households and an online college that provides laptop to aid in reducing energy costs.  The foundation company in Spring program consists of the following elements:

  • Targets workforce housing incomes (police, firefighters, nurses, school teachers)
  • Assistance for energy efficient appliances
  • Weatherization and solar installation
  • Includes preselected contractors and includes permits at no burden to applicants
  • Program funded up to $300,000

Development Review Process

Through the development review process, the City evaluates development projects for potential environmental impacts.  The review process includes:

  • Creation of a “green” review discipline in the development review process structure
  • Applicants are required to provide written statements on project’s green elements
  • Plans are required to demonstrate how the project will achieve elements of green
  • Conditions may be placed on approvals such as, inclusion of solar photovoltaic systems

Partnerships and Grants

City continuously seeks money through grant programs and partnerships.  Below is brief list of some of these partnerships:

  • Clean Cities Coalition
  • Go SOLAR participant with Broward County (Department of Energy grant)
  • City’s Neighborhood Enhancement Grant was modified to include a sustainable category
  • EECBG grant:  $425,400 for energy conservation

As you can see, Coconut Creek is doing its part as a green community.  We take pride in our programs and initiatives while striving to remain unique, competitive, and a leader in South Florida.  We are preserving the green environment for future generations.  The greening of Coconut Creek is happening now!

Mayor Becky Tooley was elected to the Commission in 2001 and re-elected in March 2004, 2007, and 2011.  Before her election to the Commission, Mayor Tooley served on the City’s Environmental Board and Planning and Zoning Board. She currently serves on the Boards of numerous community organizations, including the Coconut Creek Woman’s Club, Alzheimer’s Family Center Board of Trustees, Northwest Medical Center, Coconut Creek Democratic Club and the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 157.

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