Shell Opens Historic California Hydrogen Station

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The City of Victoria completes $750,000 energy efficiency project

Federal grants have helped put into play an energy efficiency project that could save the City of Victoria, Texas more than $750,000.  In addition, analysis suggests that the project is will cut city’s annual energy use by nearly 1 million kilowatt hours for at least the next decade. Chevron Energy Solutions has helped the city replace more than $600,000 in older light bulbs and electronic equipment with modern, energy-efficient models. Buildings that become more efficient through these lighting and energy management solutions included the Victoria Public Library, City Hall, four fire stations, traffic signals, and exit signs and lamps at city buildings.

A New Waste-Recovery Heat Project Receives Funding

KGRA Energy LP, a leading developer of waste heat recovery projects has successfully acquired $2.75M in funding for the installation of a waste heat recovery system in Bradford County, Pennsylvania. The funding was provided by Commonwealth Financing Authority and the Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority. The new system plans to generate 2MW of clean power by harvesting 848 degree waste heat released by compressors onsite at the facility. The project is expected to begin in the 4th quarter of this year.

World’s First Hydrogen Fuel Station For Consumer Vehicles Now Open In California

Shell is now the owners of the world’s first station that is supplied by an existing hydrogen pipeline. The hydrogen station opened today in Torrance, California. The station pumps are also outfitted with multiple fuel dispensers, which allow for the simultaneous refueling of four vehicles in less than five minutes. Honda FCX Clarity customers will have access to seven hydrogen refueling stations across Southern California. The FCX Clarity is available on a limited retail basis in Southern California with more than two dozen currently on the road and in the hands of individual customers.

Propelled by an electric motor that runs on electricity generated in an on-board fuel cell, the FCX Clarity delivers quiet, clean power with a small amount of water as its only emissions. The FCX Clarity’s fuel efficiency is three times that of a comparably sized modern gasoline-powered automobile, and two times that of a gasoline-powered hybrid vehicle. With a 240-mile EPA-certified driving range and 5 minute refueling time, the zero-emissions FCX Clarity provides customers with a very convenient and anxiety-free driving experience.

The compact and powerful Honda V Flow Fuel Cell Stack allows for unprecedented interior spaciousness and a futuristically stylish, low-slung design previously unattainable in fuel-cell electric vehicles and marks the significant progress that Honda continues to make in advancing the real-world performance and appeal of a fuel-cell electric car.


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