Siemens Launches 4-MW Offshore Wind Turbine

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Siemens Launches 4-MW Offshore Wind Turbine

Siemens Energy has launched its new offshore wind turbine – the SWT 4.0-130 in Vienna. The new wind turbine features a generating capacity of four megawatts and a rotor diameter of 130 meters.  The turbine is equipped with aeroelastic blades. Each blade reacts more flexibly to high wind loads, absorbing forces similarly to the cushioning effect of shock absorbers on cars. This technology allows use of longer rotor blades, which boosts wind power capture and thus increases unit performance. In 2012, revenue from the company’s Wind Power Portfolio totaled about €33 billion, making Siemens one of the world’s largest suppliers of eco-friendly technologies.

China Had 35% of 2012 Onshore Wind Capacity

According to a Bloomberg New Energy Finance report, China took-up more than a third of all newly installed onshore wind power capacity last year. China installed 15.9 gigawatts of onshore turbines in 2012 despite an 18 percent decline from a year earlier. The U.S. installed a record 13.2 gigawatts in 2012, 14 percent fewer turbines than China.  China will probably install 16.6 gigawatts of wind-power capacity this year and 17 gigawatts to 18 gigawatts in 2014 and 2015.

Turkey Anticipates Huge Renewabe Energy Investment as Demand Bucks Trend

Turkish Deputy Energy Minister Hasan Murat Mercan recently said at a conference in Vienna that the country expects huge investments in clean energy in the next 10 years as growth in energy demand outpaces economic expansion. Turkey has lured international investors including General Electric Co. and Siemens AG to its power industry with forecasts saying that annual demand will grow by 6.3 percent in the next two decades. The country is bucking the trend of most emerging European nations, where retail power consumption is trailing growth in incomes.

ET Solar AC Modules Installed in Residential Systems in the US

ET Solar Group Corp. has announced the completion and grid connection of multiple residential PV projects using ET Solar’s new AC Modules with integrated micro-inverters in California and Colorado. AC modules are particularly suitable for residential & small commercial projects due to its simplified installation including “plug and play” module interconnection and layout flexibility for rooftops with multiple orientations and shading. ET Solar provides full engineering support for AC Module installations, including array layouts, single line diagrams, and bills of material for its customers’ orders within 48 hours. AC modules are available from warehouses in California and New Jersey.


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