Solar Energy in the Vatican

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The Pope looking for a solar powered car, the US and Russia discuss smart grid partnerships and when you will be able to travel to Ellis Island on a renewable energy-powered ferry.

Popemobile Going Solar

The Vatican has long embraced renewable energy and alternative power. The Pope now announced that he wishes to replace his current gas-fueled Popemobile with a solar powered vehicle. The current Popemobile is a bulletproof Mercedes Benz; the Vatican awaits a car company that will step up and construct a solar-powered version complete with security features for the Pope. The Vatican has already expressed their enthusiasm for renewables. The main auditorium is covered with a solar rooftop array and the cafeteria uses a solar cooling unit. Also planned is a 100-MW solar facility on Vatican lands just outside Rome.

U.S./Russia Energy Deal

Russia and the United States are extending their relations into the realm of alternative energy. Today the United States Agency for International Development, the U.S. Energy Association, and the Russian Energy Agency conducted a workshop to discuss smart grid development. Presidents Obama and Medvedev met earlier this year to begin negotiations for a new nuclear non-proliferation agreement and also agreed to collaborate on energy efficiency technologies. As per the Protocol of Intent both nations signed in July 2010, Russia and the United States wish to advance smart grid technology.

Yacht Powered by Renewables

The U.S. Navy is not alone in looking for alternative fuels to power its ships. Statue Cruises has announced a hydrogen hybrid ship to provide ferry services to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. The New York Hornblower Hybrid is the world’s first ferry to run on hydrogen, wind, and solar power. It is 1400-horsepower and can carry up to 600 passengers. The vessel will have a proton exchange membrane fuel cell on board to turn hydrogen into electricity. There will also be solar panels, wind turbines, and Tier 2 diesel engines for any other energy needs.

Wind Cube

Designers are beginning to personalize renewable energy systems to custom-fit the needs of homeowners. With rising energy costs, homeowners everywhere welcome the opportunity to lower their electricity bills. Designers Liao-Hsun Chen and Wen-Chih Chang have conceptualized a wind energy system, the Wind Cube, to generate electricity for individual homes. Each “mini-turbine” has blades, a generator, a telescopic shaft, electric power plug and a switch. Homeowners merely install the turbines and wait for them to generate electricity. Designers claim each Wind Cube will be capable of generating 21.6 kilowatt-hours of electricity. This means about 15 of them could be sufficient for the energy needs of a family of four.

Solar Panels in Maryland Schools

Standard Solar and Perpetual Energy Systems plan to install a large scale solar electric system to support St.Mary’s County Public School System in Maryland. The school system received a grant from the Maryland Energy Administration for solar projects on public buildings in the state. The installation will include a 503-kW system on the George Washington Carver Elementary School in Great Mills, MD. The array has over 2,200 solar panels. Upon completion, the system at George Washington Carver will generate 677,000 kilowatt hours of electricity. That is 80 percent of the school’s energy needs.

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» Paul Felix Schott said: { Oct 18, 2012 - 06:10:01 }

I am Counting on

Energy From GOD Our Sun Free Energy. Very good our churches installing solar panels. For all that live near by and all that see this on our Churches. If your Local Government will not look to the Future go to a Church.

The Island of Maui in the Pacific Ocean is truly a Tropical Paradise like many of the Hawaii Islands that has used Solar and wind Energy for many years. Its Seascapes are as Beautiful as its Landscapes. Many like Hana’s by Kipahulu in Maui were the coffee maker runs on the Sun Solar Power. Her freshly picked Tropical fruit smoothies are the greatest. You make the electrical power on a bicycle for the blender to run. Banana, Mango, Papaya, Guava and of course My favorite Coconut and Pineapple are just some of what you can make.

Many of us that live and visit Maui already have Solar and Wind Energy. Very soon many more will and some day most all will be cutting the line to the Power Utilities Grid. Stopping them from putting their hands in our pocket book.

Free Energy from the Sun. WHY pay for it, to some one else? Your Local Utility Provider is NOT A valuable resource in Your Time Of Financial Need. Or the GOV they just want to TAX you more. LOOK TO SOLAR AND WIND ENERGY on the internet it has been the Modern Day Archimedes learning platform for our Schools and Universities for Years. In this case look to the House of GOD. It has always been the best place for the truth. The Bible.

Many in the Island of Maui and other Islands have been off the Grid for years.

There are many Reasons Home Owners Should Consider Going Solar there has to be at least 100 Good Reasons. Soon Hawaii will Lead with showcasing Solar Energy To the World. Our Front runner of all Fighter Jets in the World the F -22 hanger has the newest State Of The Art Hawaii Air Guard’s F-22 Solar Powered Hangar and Maintenance Building Facility many of the other Military Bases on the Hawaii Islands and Around the World have or are going SOLAR Powered. The Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Hawaii officially opened the first of three Ethanol 85 (E85) fueling stations planned for the Navy’s fleet of flex-fuel vehicles at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam (JBPHH).
Renewable Energy the way to go and leading them SOLAR Energy.

GOD Bless for the good work all do to Help the Church Light the Way.

Now if we can only get our World Leaders to Read the Bible More, and look to the real Paradise Heaven not Hell, and stay out of our Pocket books.

Jesus said ….
I am the way and the Life no man comes to my Father Except through me.
I am the Light of the World.

The Lord’s little Helper

Paul Felix Schott

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