Solar Installations Double in NYC

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NYC doubles private solar installations, Here Enterprises completes first phase of Cycle Ranch, and the DOE finances a Maine Wind Project.

NYC Doubles Private Solar Installations

California is not the only state boosting energy efficiency. Private solar power installations at homes and businesses doubled last year in New York City. Two years ago, the number was 134 PV systems installed. In 2010, the solar capacity more than doubled from the previous 4-MW to 8.5-MW from 203 photovoltaic installations. Con Edison, a New York utility company, is taking the credit for the growth because of the company’s vigorous promotion of economic and environmental benefits of solar power systems.

Here Enterprises Completes First Phase of Cycle Ranch

Here Enterprises has completed the first phase of construction at its Cycle Ranch wind project in Floresville, Texas. The farm is on the property of Cycle Ranch motocross Park where hundreds of fans and competitors come weekly. Here Enterprises has installed Talon turbines for clean energy generation on the property that use a speed regulation system featuring a variable pitch control to allow increased energy production. The turbines can work at wind speeds up to 56 mph, unlike traditional turbines that shut down at higher wind speeds.

European Wind Conference to Discuss Future Policy Vacuum

Europe’s largest wind power conference and exhibition, organized by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), is scheduled from the 14 to 17 of March in Brussels. The discussions will center around the “energy policy vacuum” resulting from the expiration in 2020 of Europe’s energy policies that promote wind power among other renewable energies. “What happens to EU energy policy after 2020, and up to 2050, is the hot issue for the electricity and energy sector, and that’s precisely what we will be discussing at the EWEA 2011 Annual Event with EU decision-makers and leading energy companies,” said EWEA Communication Director Julian Scola. The EU has committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80-95 percent by the year 2050.

DOE Finances Maine Wind Project

The DOE announced an agreement to fund Record Hill Wind’s 50.6-MW project in Roxbury, Maine. The $102 million loan will aid the company develop the project that aims to eliminate 70,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually. The project includes 22 turbines and eight miles of transmission lines to connect the facility to the Central Maine Power, the local utility.


Energy Company Ranks High in Fortune 500 Lists

NextEra Energy placed among the top ten most socially responsible companies in the world on Fortune’s most recent list of the “World’s Most Admired Companies.” The company also ranked at the top overall among electric and gas utilities and tied for first with Southern Company for the top spot in the industry. NextEra has been ranked first for the past five consecutive years. Such accolades help encourage investments in renewable and alternative energies.

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