Solar Plane Completes Its Second Flight

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Solar Plane Completed Its Second Flight

The Solar Impulse has already completed its first flight from Switzerland to Morocco last June. Recently, it has also completed its second flight from Rabat, the capital of Morocco, to the Sahara desert and Ouarzazate, where the world’s largest solar-thermal plant is being built. Solar Impulse is a solar-powered plane made of 12,000 solar cells. Not a drop of fossil fuel was used during the plane’s flight. Everything was powered by solar energy.


Solar Project Approved in U.S. Tribal Land

The Obama administration has approved a 350-megawatt photovoltaic  project on a tribal land of the Moapa Band of Paiute Indians in Clark County, Nevada, located about 30 miles north of Las Vegas. The K Road Moapa Solar project would be owned by the tribe, but developed and operated by K Road Power. The solar project will be built in three phases. The first phase is targeted for completion by 2014.


Hydropower Rules in Latin America

In Latin America, hydropower is the main source of power generation, which accounts for about 65 percent of all electricity generated. The Latin American countries have installed a total of 153-GW of hydropower at the end of 2010, making it the No. 1 in the world in hydropower generation and utilization. The major hydropower markets in the region include Brazil, Chile, and Columbia. Brazil tops in all the Latin American countries when it comes to hydropower because it has the largest power system that generates about 74 percent of all its electric needs.


Other Clean Technologies To Emerge

“Clean Energy” does not only mean hydro, solar and wind energy. There are many other clean energy out there. And according to the reports of Global Information, two lesser-known but high-potential clean energy sources: the Biogas and Biopellets will dominate the market within the next 10 years. Biogas is a byproduct of municipal solid waste processing, agriculture, industrial, and sewage treatment, whereas biopellets are an important technology for encouraging the utilization of biomass in heat and power generation.


New Solar Power System in Campbell Manufacturing Facility

Campbell Soup Company now has a 9.8-megawatt solar power system at their manufacturing facility in Napoleon, Ohio. The solar power system generates about 15 percent of the facility’s annual electricity requirements. The solar panels were provided by SunPower. According to Dave Stangis, Campbell’s vice president of corporate responsibility and public affairs, this solar power system will help the company reduce its operational expenses as well as help the environment and people by generating clean and renewable power.

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