South Africa Approves Deal for $100 Billion Inga Hydropower

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South Africa Approves Deal for $100 Billion Inga Hydropower

The South African government approved a treaty signed with the Democratic Republic of Congo to start construction of a hydropower project that will cost about $100 billion and generate 40,000 MW of electricity – enough to power 500,000 homes.  Ratification of the treaty by parliament enables development of phase one of the project. The Grand Inga complex will be built in six phases before reaching full capacity. The deal provides for the project’s generated power to be shared among nations in the region.

Rwanda Ready to Commission Its First Utility-Scale Solar Farm

A solar power project set to be commissioned in Rwanda will significantly contribute to the nation’s power sector by adding 7% more power. With a generation capacity of 8.5 MW, it will be Rwanda’s first utility-scale solar PV project. This will be a major achievement for a country in which less than one in five households have access to electricity. The Rwandan government is aiming to increase electricity access from current 18% to 50% by 2017.

Russia May Forgo Billions-Worth of Oil Revenues for Investment

Russia may lose up to $6.7 billion of oil revenue next year after government officials chose a three-year tax scheme favored by crude producers, according to two state officials. Russia, currently the world’s biggest energy  exporter, is trying to balance the interest of producers and the budget with the $2 trillion economy on the verge of recession amid a standoff with Europe and the U.S. over Ukraine. Oil taxes supply about 45 percent of the country’s budget revenue.

Bangalor’s Solar-Powered Tuk Tuk Travels to London

After two years of tinkering, India’s Naveen Rabelli and Raoul Kopacka transformed a tuk tuk into a solar-powered vehicle. Advocating the use of solar energy, the duo plan on traveling in their self-built, solar-powered rickshaw to traverse 10 countries and reach London in a span of 100 days. Raoul will film the journey in documentary style and the two will also plant trees along the way from donations that they receive. Aside from contributing a tree to the world, donors can also receive a postcard from the duo from their journey.

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