Southern Research Institute Wins $1.5 Million DOE Award to Produce Fuel from Coal and Biomass

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Southern Research Institute Wins $1.5 Million DOE Award to Produce Fuel from Coal and Biomass

Southern Research Institute announced that it has entered into a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Dept. of Energy to test a new method for producing liquid transportation fuels from coal and biomass thereby improving the economics and lifecycle impacts of coal-to-liquid (CTL) and coal-biomass-to-liquid (CBTL) processes. The Southern Research team includes research partners from Southern Company Services and Nexant Inc. The project will employ a full coal and coal-biomass to liquids bench-scale FT synthesis reactor system to produce liquid transportation fuels using the selective, wax-free FT catalyst provided by Chevron.

Algea.Tec Plans Multi-Million Bond Sale to Fund  Biofuel Plants is the U.S.

Algae.Tec Ltd., an Australian producer of algal oils used in clean fuel, hopes to sell $200 million of bonds in Europe to fund expansion in the U.S. The company aims to start the offering within the next month and complete it by mid-year. Algae.Tec is ramping up after the U.S. approved a $1.01-a-gallon tax credit for producers of algal fuels. That followed a decision by the Environmental Protection Agency in September to raise the requirement for biodiesel in refined products. A year earlier, U.S. regulators allowed airlines to fly passenger jets using a biofuel blend. The company said in September it planned to build as many as six factories by 2015 at a cost of about $100 million each. The same month it agreed to work with Deutsche Lufthansa AG to build a European plant that uses algae to make jet fuel.

Filipino Company Announces Nine New Hydropower Projects

Sunwest Water and Electric Company (Suweco) has announced a US$220.3 million plan for the construction of nine small hydropower plants on the Philippines’ Panay Island. The nine hydroelectric projects are estimated to have a combined generating capacity of about 50 MW. Suweco officials said the plants are being built in response to the government’s desire to increase its renewable energy supply. The run-of-river plants are expected to be completed within the next five years.

Georgia Power Seeks Approval to Decertify Generating Units at Four Plants

Georgia Power expects to request approval from the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) to decertify and discontinue the use of 15 coal- and oil-fired generating units totaling 2,061 MW.
The request to decertify units 3 and 4 at Plant Branch in Putnam County; units 1-5 at Plant Yates in Coweta County; units 1 and 2 at Plant McManus in Glynn County; and units 1-4 at Plant Kraft in Chatham County, will be included in Georgia Power’s Integrated Resource Plan that will be filed with the PSC on Jan. 31.
Several factors, including the cost to comply with environmental regulations, forecasted economic conditions, and lower natural gas prices contributed to the decision to close the said units.


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