Spain To Add 50MW Solar Thermal Power Plant To Its Grid

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MAGE SOLAR USA Receives UL Certification

MAGE SOLAR USA has announced that they have successfully received their UL certification. With this approval, the solar manufacturer will now be able to ramp-up production of solar panels at their American headquarters in Dublin, Georgia.  The company’s signature MAGE POWERTEC PLUS modules are polycrystalline modules with power ratings of 190 watts and 230 watts. The first UL-listed modules are currently being made for delivery to fulfill orders of customers that had already preordered the US-based supply.

Spain To Add 50MW Solar Thermal Power Plant To Its Grid

Termosolar Alcazar, has announced that the Spanish government has awarded the company a 50 megawatt (MW) solar thermal plant contract in Alcazar de San Juan. The company’s technology, which consists of a  fully dispatchable molten salt concentrated solar power tower technology, will help Spain achieve the EU Climate & Energy objective of achieving 20 percent of the nation’s energy consumption from renewable resources. The project will also create approximately 4,000 jobs in Spain and more than 2,500 jobs in the United States during the two year build-out.

Details About New DOE Loan Guarantees

There are 2 new loan guarantees that the DOE has recently announced. The first is a $135.76 million loan guarantee to Granite Reliable Power, LLC for a new 99 MW wind generation project in Coos County, New Hampshire. This is the second U.S. wind project to deploy Vestas V90 3.oMW wind turbines. Most of the power generated from this project will be purchased by the Central Vermont Public Service and Green Mountain Power. The DOE will also provide a partial guarantee for a $1.4 billion loan to support Project Amp.  The solar generation project includes the installation of approximately 733 megawatts (MW) of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, which is nearly equal to the total amount of PV installed in the U.S. in 2010 is unique in that the electricity generated from this project will be sent directly to the electrical grid, as opposed to powering the buildings where they are installed.

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