SPI Solar, KDC Solar Team Up for 6.8-MW Solar Facility in New Jersey

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SPI Solar, KDC Solar team up for 6.8-MW solar facility in New Jersey

SPI Solar has teamed up with a subsidiary of KDC Solar LLC to build a 6.8 MW ground mounted solar facility in Middlesex County, New Jersey. SPI Solar will provide construction management services and project financing in accordance with the terms of the preferred provider agreement between KDC and SPI announced in June 2011. The solar facility will consist of about 26,000 high-efficiency solar panels. It will generate about 8,450,000 kWh of solar electricity per year and supply 100% of the electric power needs for the facilities located on the site.

Subject to obtaining the necessary permits, construction is scheduled to begin early next year, with the project is expected to be fully operational in the third quarter of 2012.

Arista Power launches line of man-portable micro wind turbines

Arista Power Inc. has introduced the Arista Power Charger 300 line of man-portable, three-bladed micro wind turbines designed to provide battery charging capability at remote and off-grid locations for military and other applications. The Charger 300 is compact yet provides maximum power output with highly efficient blades, controller, and a permanent magnet generator. Designed to operate in winds from 3 to 20 meters/second, the turbine is efficient and maintenance free, with only two moving parts, and has a wide range of applications.

The Charger 300e has an external control unit that allows for more flexible applications and can be utilized in higher, more permanent type locations. Typical applications for the Charger 300e would utilize a more permanent tower structure greater than 30 feet in height, requiring longer wire lengths between the wind turbine charger and batteries. The Charger 300e is also designed to provide flexibility for use in customized hybrid wind/solar systems designed by Arista Power for specific applications.

AllSun Tracker wins BuildingGreen Top-10 product award

The AllSun Tracker, manufactured by the AllEarth Renewables, has been selected as a top Green product for 2012. AllEarth Renewables has received award at the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in Toronto, Canada. The 10th annual BuildingGreen Top-10 product award recognizes the most innovative and exciting green building products of the year. The AllSun Tracker is a pole-mounted solar energy system that uses GPS and wireless technology to follow the sun throughout the day allowing it to produce up to 45% more energy than typical fixed systems.

American DG Energy to provide energy solution to Sidney Albert Albany Jewish Community Center

American DG Energy Inc. has reached an agreement to provide an on-site energy solution to Sidney Albert Albany Jewish Community Center in Albany, New York. Under the terms of the agreement, the Albany JCC will receive a portion of its energy from a heat pump system. The Albany JCC will receive a discount on the energy produced by the heat pump and reduce its carbon footprint.

American DG Energy will produce domestic hot water, pool heat and space heat at the Albany JCC and sell it to the Albany JCC at a price lower than the local energy utility. The Albany JCC will pay only for the energy used by the facility and will avoid all capital, installation and operating costs of the system. The energy will be produced with the Ilios high efficiency water heater or heat pump, located at the property site but owned and operated by American DG Energy.

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