Sugar-Fueled Bio-Battery Battery With Unmatched Energy Density Created

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Sugar-Fueled Bio-Battery Battery With Unmatched Energy Density Created

A research team from Virginia Tech says that their new sugar battery posses unmatched energy density that could potentially replace conventional battery within the next couple of years. Sugar is a perfect energy storage compound, so it is logical to harness this natural power, says researcher YH Percival Zhang. The sugar bio-battery has an energy density much higher than lithium-ion batteries, the enzymes and fuel used is neither explosive nor flammable. The materials are cheap and biodegradable. The battery is also refillable so that sugar can be added much like filling a printer cartridge with ink, Zhang added.

SSE Reviews Offshore Wind Investments After UK Ruling

SSE Plc, the UK’s second-largest energy provider, will re-assess its offshore wind developments after two of its projects missed out on funding. SSE said that while there have been progress finalizing low-carbon incentives, important details have yet to be confirmed and that the prospects for investing in generation assets in the region are not encouraging.  The possibility that SSE may abandon investment is a setback for the UK government, which last year passed legislation to restructure its electricity market anddraw in 110 billion pounds of spending by 2020 in upgrading power plants and distribution networks.

Total CEO Pushes for Keystone Approval to Unplug Alberta Bottleneck

Total SA CEO Christophe de Margerie urged the U.S. to approve the multi-billion dollar Keystone XL pipeline to release the full potential of the Canadian oil sands. The proposed pipeline that will ship heavy crude from Alberta to refineries on the Gulf of Mexico is currently undergoing a final environmental review.  Total, Europe’s third-largest oil firm, booked a $1.65 billion loss in the first quarter of last year on the canceled Voyageur Upgrader development in Alberta after selling its stake to Suncor Energy Inc., which is Canada’s largest oil producer by market value.

Alaska Coastal Oil Drilling Opposition Revived by Court

Alaskan coastal oil drilling may further be delayed after the US Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled the government acted illegally in opening almost 30 million acres for energy exploration.  The Sierra Club and other organizations sued the government after the $2.6 billion sale of development leases for Alaska’s Chukchi Sea, saying that the amount of oil from the leases was higher than the 1 billion barrels the US Interior Department estimated in an environmental review approving the transaction. The plaintiffs may ask for a court order to cancel the leases, says Erik Grafe, an attorney for one of the group who is arguing the case.

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