Superior Court building Los Angeles example of energy savings, environmental protection and superior real state value

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The Superior Court of California building, County of Los Angles has new energy upgrades that will be reflected in savings and environment protection.

Commonwealth Management, property management, invested $4.6 million in energy efficiency building solutions, implemented and designed by Johnson Controls that are expected to reduce annual energy costs by over $95,000.

The upgrades were made to  the central chilled water plant, air handling units and building controls as well as a new lighting technology, which could save as much as 20 percent of the electrical budget.

ECO Corp coordinated contractor selection, technical review and financing to reach the project goals.

Siemens offering solutions for intelligent distribution and use of energy

The energy and building industries have a great opportunity to develop new technologies to face the imminent increase of energy consumption that is predicted to rise by at least 60 percent in 2030.

Siemens is introducing solutions for smart grids, smart metering and energy storage to stabilize distribution grids. From October 9 to 11, 2012 the company will be presenting these concepts of intelligent distribution and use of energy in Amsterdam.

Smart meter data management allows smart buildings to serve as energy storage units for electrical power generated from renewable energy sources, reducing peak loads and conserving primary energy, offering an opportunity for decentralized energy administration.

Developing a new grid-connected wave energy research facility at Newport or Reedsport

The Pacific Marine Energy Center wave energy testing facility could be located in either Newport or Reedsport. Oregon State University wave energy researches are conducting a detail cost and shore analysis in order to decide the final location.

The $8million planed new center will have four test buoys connected to a regional electrical grid, able to test individual, utility-scale or small arrays of wave energy devices. The project is expected to provide jobs and economic growth while attracting researchers from all over the world who will use it to test their wave energy technologies.

 A single energy market for  EU  argues EWEA

The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) is calling to create a market that facilitates Europe’s transformation from brown electricity generation into the green energy Industry.

A report published by the organization argues that although the EU operates a single market for other areas such as goods, capital and labor, such a system does not exist for electricity.

In order to make wind and other renewables technologies less costly , EWEA said the EC needs to consider specific measures, such as the removal of subsidies for coal, gas and nuclear generation, the expansion of markets to cover larger geographical areas  and to reduce the need to balance variable renewables like wind and solar.

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