Survey Says: US Drivers Warming to EVs

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U.S. Drivers Embrace EVs

According to a Nielson Energy Survey, Americans are warming to electric vehicles, with a majority of consumers (85%) saying they would be interested in driving a plug-in either when their car needs replacement or the technology becomes mainstream. About 58 percent of drivers surveyed prefer plug-in hybrid electric cars such as the Chevy Volt to all-electric models such as the Nissan Leaf. The former generally have a longer range and the option to use gas power, giving drivers a little comfort.


Toyota Headquarters Powered by Hydrogen Fuel Generator

A one-megawatt hydrogen fuel generator will power the Toyota Motor Sales headquarters in Torrance, California. The system, made by Ballard Power, will provide electricity as well as heat. The fuel system uses hydrogen produced by the steam produced by renewable biogas generated at a landfill. Heat created will be used to provide hot water as well as space heating in the employee activity center and the Lexus headquarters building in the office campus.


California Golf Club Installing Solar Panels

Stevinson Ranch Golf Club will soon be powered by two solar photovoltaic systems that will provide energy to the clubhouse and lift pump. The Golf Club is one of California’s top-rated clubs. Cenergy Power has begun construction on the two systems—one is a 113-kW ground mount system and the other is an 82-kW carport solar installation. Both systems will be capable of generating over 300,000 kilowatt-hours of clean solar power.


Atlanta Businesses Eligible for Rebates for Energy Upgrades

Atlanta businesses can prepare for the winter by making their energy appliances more efficient and get a rebate from MXenergy while they’re at it. All MXenergy consumers who upgrade from now until June 30 can receive up to $1500 in rebates. By converting from electric to gas, a business can get $1,000 in energySMART rebates. Upgrading the heating system can get consumers $500.

First Mexican Flight Powered by Jetfuel

Mexico’s domestic carrier, Interjet, conducted the first biofuel flight in the nation using an Airbus A320 plane. The jet fueled up with a 30 percent biofuel blend developed at a jatropha plant. Jatropha is a local biofuel source harvested in southern Mexico. Jatropha oil us used in biodiesel in the Philippines and Brazil as well and it was even referred to as one of the best products for future biodiesel production by Goldman Sachs in 2007.


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