Sweden’s Wind Power Capacity Set To Increase

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Sweden’s Wind Power Capacity Set To Increase

Sweden’s wind power capacity is about to see an increase in production. SCA and the Fred.Olsen Renewables have teamed up to develop a wind farm on Västernorrland in northern Sweden. Studies show that the area could provide approximately 2 TWh of clean wind energy each year. As part of the agreement, SCA will provide the new company with existing land rights while Fred.Olsen Renewables will be responsible for financing the new venture.

U.S.’s first net-zero energy bank opens in Florida

A Ft. Lauderdale, Florida TD Bank has become the first net-zero energy bank location in the United States. The location has achieved a net-zero energy status by generating all of its energy needs from solar power that has been installed on the property. The 400 solar panels will generate 100,000 kWh annually, which is more than the 97,000 kwh that the building is expected to consume. There are only 8 buildings in the country that have received recognition by the DOE as a Net-Zero Energy Building.

City of Bryan, Ohio Installs Lighting LED Streetlights To Lower Energy Bills

The City of Bryan, Ohio has become another real life testimonial for making financially successful energy efficient upgrades. Bryan Municipal Utilities was awarded a $540,000 matching grant through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) to install approximately 1,400 energy-efficient streetlights in the Ohio town. More than a year later, the city is achieving a savings of 30-35%, thus surpassing the city’s expected sustainability goals. City officials were very careful in selecting the right kind of lighting solution. They wanted to make sure that more energy efficient lighting would still offer the same light coverage and quality light color at a lower wattage. With feedback from the community, the decision was made to go with the warm white light (4000K correlated color temperature) that Cooper Lighting’s LED fixtures provided.

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