T-Mobile’s Strategy For Offering Smart Grid Solutions

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Ben Lack : I’m with Angel Mercedes from T-Mobile. Thanks so much for being with us today.
Angel Mercedes: Thank you.
Ben Lack : What I want to talk to you about today is what types of solutions are T-Mobile taking a look at as it relates to the smart grid industry?
Angel Mercedes: T-Mobile provides that connectivity for some of the AMI vendors. But when you have several connectivity like a back haul for one of the concentrator or for one with the meters that had a semi-conductivity under the glass, then our main core is the one that provides that connectivity to send data to the data center of the smart grid ecosystem.
Ben Lack : The typical customer that you guys are going to try to create solutions for is? Give me a range of types of folks.
Angel Mercedes: We just provide the connectivity, so we work with partners in the ecosystem that have the AMI system, the advanced meter infrastructure. Those are the type of companies that we work with. We also work with some of the vendors that are providing the charging station for electric vehicles.
Ben Lack : There’s a big conversation in the industry about should companies create their own communication networks or should they latch on to existing networks that are already out on the market place. This obviously is a conversation that you guys want to be able to play in. Give us the argument for which way a company should go, and how a company like T-Mobile would help those businesses really take advantage of what’s out there.
Angel Mercedes: The several categories, we spend billions of dollars on our network, so it is an existing infrastructure that you can just tap in. You can use the resource that are already there, spectrum that has already been allocated. We reduce your time-to-market because you don’t have to bill from the ground. Also, you cap your investment. You don’t have to invest that much. The wireless network, the public network, is scalable and most importantly, the standards are used in this public network are very broad. There are 5.5 billion devices, subscriptions worldwide, and 5 billion of those are in the GSM, HSPA technology.
Ben Lack : If you can elaborate a little bit on some of the security and reliability advantages that a company might be able to take advantage of if they were to latch on to existing networks that are already in place.
Angel Mercedes: The public network, we take advantage of the intrinsic security that the GSM network has. And that has to do with the authentication, and also when it comes to smart grid and any machine-to-machine applications, what we do is that our pond is connected through a private APN, meaning that they have a BPN to our data system so it doesn’t go through the public network. Public network means the cloud.
Ben Lack : I’m a company that wants to latch on to your network because my solution is going to help the end-user improve the reliability, save energy, save money. How much of an opportunity do I get to try to customize the types of solution that I’m going to need by using your network instead of being able to fully customize something on my own? Is there room to create some customization?
Angel Mercedes: Yes, there is. For one thing is that we offer a rate plan based on your needs. The other thing is that we provide an interface to our billing system so you are able to manage the sim cards, how you activate the sim cards, how you activate customers. And also, we provide core detail records so you can manage and see what’s going on with your customer and the subscriptions that you have.
Ben Lack : Can you talk to me a little bit about why you’re in the business? Why does this industry interest you and why did you choose to spend your time working on these types of issues?
Angel Mercedes: This is a fascinating industry. A new application comes up every single day. So I have been working with machine-to-machine matching industry for the last four years. Although I have been with the telecommunications for about twenty five years, but it’s just a different application. When you think that you have seen it all, somebody comes with a new solution. These are solutions that not only that they are fond of also. They are solutions that eventually stabilize and save money.
Ben Lack : Thanks so much for being with us today. I really appreciate it. Good luck with your continued success and I look forward to staying in touch.
Angel Mercedes: Thank you.

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