Tar Balls From BP Oil Spill Reach Mississippi Shores

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Tar balls reach the shores of Mississippi, the impact of hurricane on the BP oil spill, Israel and Lebanon fighting over natural gas fields, and Michigan receives $20 million in federal funding for clean energy projects.

Representatives of the state of Mississippi for the first time have reported findings of oily tar balls washing up on their mainland shores. A 23 person crew has found while tar balls and glob-like “mousse patties” in at least four locations, but fortunately the areas affected were relatively small and no beaches were closed. The weather could potentially make a bad situation worse as hurricane season has begun with Tropical Storm Alex making its way into the Gulf. Currently, the weather patterns show that the weather is expected to miss the oil-affected area of the Gulf, but its still a best online casino very real possibility that the weather system could change. Current estimates have the amount of oil still leaking into the gulf between 35-60,000 barrels, which is 1.5-2.5 million gallons a day. But those could easily change if the recovery process and containment cap were to be off during the period of bad weather.

A natural gas discovery in the Middle East is causing conflict between Israel and Lebanon. Israel has told their neighboring country that they will use force to protect offshore natural gas finds in reaction to comments made by Lebanon”s parliament that the discovery site extended into Lebanon’s waters. Israel is working hard to rely on foreign sources of energy and sees the natural gas discovery in the Leviathan and Tamar fields as an opportunity to export natural gas. But these new fields have also re-initiated talks with Lebanon about where the maritime boundaries really lie. Because Israel and Lebanon are technically at war with each other, this could further increase the diplomatic pressure in the region.

And finally, the state of Michigan has received $20 million in grants and loans for clean energy funding from the government. Nine small manufactures received the money through the Clean Energy Advanced Manufacturing (CEAM) program to manufacture wind turbine components, gears and gearboxes, biomass gasification power systems, next gen material for solar panels and other renewable sources of energy. The funding will also retain and create hundreds of jobs for the state.

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