The Obamas Vacation On The Beaches In The Gulf

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The Obamas vacation on beaches in the Gulf, construction on the largest wind farm in the southern hemisphere begins, and redesigns their website.

The Obama Family this weekend vacationed to the Panama City beaches to encourage tourists that the Gulf Coast beaches are safe. President Obama and the First Lady also met with local business owners and officials to discuss the long term impacts of the oil spill. But there was time for fun as well as the President and his daughter Sasha were able to get a leisurely swim at Alligator Point on Saturday. Meanwhile, National Incident Commander Thad Allen has instructed BP to perform additional tests before giving a go ahead for finishing a relief well that would permanently seal the ruptured undersea well. The operation has been delayed due to bad weather.

Australian energy group, AGL Energy Limited (AGL) and New Zealand based Meridian Energy (Meridian) have teamed up to build construction on what will be the largest wind farm in the Southern Hemisphere. The wind farm will be installed with 140 Vestas wind turbines, which will make the entire project generate 420 MW of clean power. The site will be located 260 kilometers from Melbourne, Australia will cost $1 billion to develop. More than 220,000 homes will receive the power from this project once it’s completed in 2013. has redesigned its web site to help commercial and residential customers find the right light bulb faster and easier, every time. The new web site has added High Resolution Product Images, a “Find Similar Products” feature, to the shopping experience and developed educational content, via emails and newsletters that educate their customers about the lighting industry and solutions for saving energy. is one of largest distributors of bulbs for Phillips Lighting. They have nearly 100,000 commercial customers operating 250,000 locations in the hospitality, retail, property-management, healthcare, manufacturing and municipal sectors.

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