Top Five Clean Energy States Named & New York’s Tidal Power Potential

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Can you rank the top 5 clean energy states, Verdant Power to install tidal power turbines in New York and a Wind Executive is selected to serve on a new Department of Commerce Energy Committee.

CleanEdge Rates Top Energy States

CleanEdge has prepared an index for clean power that rates the emerging energy markets in the United States and provides rankings in several different categories. This leadership index also rates the top states according to technology, policy and capital. According to the assessment, California (unsurprisingly) ranks first in clean energy. Oregon and Massachusetts come in at second and third place with Washington and Colorado in the top five. Factors considered in evaluation include clean electricity, green transportation, building standrads, incentives offered, regulations and capital. The index serves as an indicator of the status of clean energy and helps investors and policymakers assess the best regions for work in the area.

Verdant Power To Install Tidal Power Turbines in NY

Verdant Power has filed with the FERC to allow the company to install tidal power turbines in an area of the East River in New York. The project marks the first tidal power plant in the U.S. with the license to provide energy to the national grid. The company plans to build up to 30 turbines in the East Channel of the river. Dubbed the Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy Project, the plan is a part of Verdant Power’s ‘Free Flow’ kinetic hydropower system. The project is funded in part by the DOE, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority and the New York City Economic Development Corporation. Depending on approvals, the RITE initiative is ready to begin in 2011.

Windpower Executive to Serve on New Energy Committee

Andy Kruse of Southwest Windpower has been appointed to the Department of Commerce’s newly created Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Advisory Committee. Established last July, the new group will be responsible for advising the Secretary of Commerce to increase the competitiveness of the U.S. renewable energy industry. There are 29 members on the committee that represent U.S. companies, trade associations and private sector organizations. Kruse will serve in the group among his other responsibilities as board member of several renewable energy organizations. He has 25 years of experience in the field.

Florida’s First Acute Care Hospital Achieves LEED Certification

St.Joseph’s Hospital-North in Lutz, Florida has become the first acute care hospital in the state to acquire LEED certification. The hospital includes a number of innovations that make it energy efficient to meet the LEED standards. The building is also uses low-chemical emission paint and recycled content. The hospital uses more efficient lighting and heating that reduce energy consumption by 12 percent. There are individual controls for lighting and heating that will promote both comfort and efficiency.

Oriental Hornet Works Like a  Solar Panel

Scientists have discovered that the oriental hornet is the first known species that can generate electricity from sunlight. The connection was made when researchers realized the hornet can generate electricity in its exoskeleton and it is also most active in sunlight hours. The insect’s stripes contain brown tissue pigments that can trap light and yellow tissue pigments that generate electricity. They work together as a sort of solar factory. The tissues are not as efficient as industrial solar cells, but the discovery will lead to more research.

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