Top Ten States by Installed Solar Power Capacity

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Top Ten Solar Power States

California and New Jersey are the top two states in terms of installed solar power capacity as of 2010, according to a list published by the New York Times on top ten states for solar power. There was a significant gap between the top producing state, California (no surprise there), and the remaining states. California boasts 971-megawatts with New Jersey coming in second with 293-megawatts and North Carolina as the top tenth state with 42-megawatts of installed capacity. New Jersey’s solar power initiative, one reason it is in second place, is a statewide project that has yielded some public discontent because the solar panels adorning utility poles have been perceived as aesthetically unappealing to homeowners. Colorado (108-MW), Arizona (101-MW), and Nevada (97-MW) round out the top five. Notably, a couple of these states also have the largest deficits as a percentage of the total GDP, such as New Jersey, Colorado, California and Nevada. Also, it is useful to point out that although California produces the most, it also has the most consumption among the top ten. Nevada, for instance, consumes much less energy than California.

Obama’s Urges Congress to Cut Oil Subsidies

President Obama’s weekly energy address focused once again on cutting $4 billion in taxpayer subsidies to oil industries. America’s domestic oil production is at its highest since 2003, according to government agencies and industries still make billions in subsidies. High gas prices are leading to higher food prices among other goods, creating unrest in the American public. However, Obama plans to continue his campaign for clean energy. Although investments in alternative energies are tough in today’s economic environment, Obama assured Americans that his administration will not sacrifice clean energy investments that “will help America win the future by growing our economy and creating good-paying jobs; that will help make America more secure; and that will help clean up our planet in the process.”


Propane Autogas Station Opens in Oregon

Blue Star Gas and the Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities Coalition have opened a propane autogas station in Salem, Oregon. Autogas is the most widely used alternative fuel in the world and the U.S. supply is mainly domestically produced. The autogas station is the second one opened by Blue Star, following the February launch of the Medford, Oregon station.


Community Energy Champions Grant Receives $335,000 in Funds

The Community Energy Champions Grant Program received 18 awards, totaling $335,500 from the City of San Jose and the Silicon Valley Energy Watch Program. The grant funds non-profit organizations and local municipalities that conduct energy efficient education and outreach. Projects aid communities in Santa Clara County, Calif. to adopt energy efficient habits. Students participate by producing videos and artwork and there are afterschool activities offered in language-specific communities. There are also faith-based activities. Some organizations that received funding include the Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County, Boys & Girls Club of Silicon Valley, Asian American Center of Santa Clara County and De Anza Community College.


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