Tri-State and Alliance Power Celebrates the Completion of Colorado Highlands Wind Project

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Tri-State and Alliance Power Celebrates the Completion of Colorado Highlands Wind Project

Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association celebrated the completion of Colorado’s newest renewable energy facility- the Colorado Highlands Wind project. Tri-State has a 20-year agreement to purchase the electricity from the 67-megawatt wind farm, which is located on a 5,200-acre site in northeast Colorado’s Logan County. Colorado Highlands Wind is the third utility-scale renewable energy facility from which Tri-State receives all of the electrical output and renewable energy credits. In 2010 the wholesale power supplier began acquiring the electricity generated at the 51-megawatt Kit Carson Windpower Project in eastern Colorado as well as the 30-megawatt Cimarron Solar Facility in northeastern New Mexico.

Ontario Clean-Energy Subsidies Break Rules According to WTO Panel

According to a WTO panel report, Ontario’s feed-in tariff (FIT) program, which pays above-market rates to generators of renewable energy that use Canadian-made equipment, undermines competition because it favors domestic products. The government’s Green Energy Act dictates that goods and labor from Ontario must account for 60 percent of supply costs at clean-power projects, depending on the type of source. Its purpose is to help the province meet a goal to shut all coal-fed generators by 2014. The panel acknowledges the European Union and Japans complaints that parts of Ontario’s FIT program discriminate against foreign equipment suppliers.

Beijing to Make Solar Energy Manufacturers Swallow the Bitter Pill

A new report in China Daily gives clear indication that Beijing is delivering some tough medicine to many of the nation’s smaller solar panel and poly-silicon manufacturers by letting them go out-of-business to return the struggling sector to health. The China Daily article leads with discussion of a program that will allow more solar energy producers connect to the national electricity grid, but the discussion quickly turns saying that the government will limit new projects to make both solar panels and poly-silicon. It’s not until the end of the article that we learn that more than 80 percent of China’s top 43 poly-silicon companies have stopped production.

Recreating Tornadoes to Produce Electricity

Since fossil fuel power plants generate lots of unharnessed heat to make electricity, a retired ExxonMobil engineer has a concept of creating a huge vortex of warm air to cause a change in pressure at the bottom in order to drive a turbine-generator.  Louis Michaud was awarded a $300,000 grant by  to show that his idea could work. The money will allow Michaud to experiment with and document the creation of a mini tornado for electricity generation at the Lambton College in the city of Sarnia. The college is located in an oil drilling region and has the proper lab equipment for such a project. If all goes well, Michaud hopes to make money from licensing the vortex station design.

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