U.S. Solar Shines in Q3; Gains 35%

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U.S. Solar Shines in Q3, Gains 35%

Solar developers have installed 930 MW of PV solar capacity in the U.S. during the third quarter, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. Total installed solar power climbed 35% from a year earlier, adds the Washington-based trade group. Utility scale projects contributed the most by adding 539 MW while residential installations supplemented 186 MW.  The trade group sees the U.S. reaching 4.27 GW for the year and anticipates that the country-for the first time in over 15 years – will install more panels than Germany, the biggest solar market in terms of existing capacity.

ADB to Lend Pakistan $900 Million to Develop Coal Plant

The Asian Development Bank will lend $900 million to develop a 600 MW coal-fired power plant in Pakistan in an effort to furnish cheap and reliable power as power shortages of up to 20 hours a day have crippled the county’s economic growth. Despite raising concerns for supporting the most-polluting fuel, ADB says that coal-fired plants, using cleaner technology provides an environmentally sound and cost-effective, medium-term energy solution at a time when Pakistan’s natural gas reserves are waning.

Developing Nano-Generators That Can Harvest Energy From the Slightest Movements

A new energy harvesting device is being developed by researchers from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. The researchers believe that their new nano-generator technology could allow “simple finger movements” to power next-generation LCD and LED screens. Looking at nature’s ability to spontaneously synthesize universal materials under benign surroundings, the team modified a M13 viral gene, which widely exists in nature and harmless to humans, to utilize is remarkable ability of synthesizing a piezoelectric material.  The process turns the piezoelectric material into a high-output flexible nano-generator that converts mechanical energy of tiny movements into electrical energy.

Turning Old Jeans Into Green Plastic

Majority of the plastics used today come from oil-based sources. But, it does not have to be that way says a small company called Iris Industries. The company has found a way to turn old jeans into what they call “Denimite”, which is a tough, durable plastic that has an appealing organic finish. So far, Iris Industries has just made a few basic items out of the material – but is hoping that its new Denimite will be the first of many bio-composite products to replace less efficient materials.

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