UK Crown Estate Announces New Wave & Tidal Energy Expansion

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UK Crown Estate Announces New Wave & Tidal Energy Expansion

The UK Crown Estate, which manages the country’s seabed, has revealed new agreements for six new wave and tidal-current demonstration zones as well as five other new wave and tidal-current sites. The new demonstration zones will allow local organizations to manage parts of the seabed to a variety of tidal stream projects, while the five active sites will have the potential to produce up to 30 MW per project. Three sites are locate off the coast of England, four off the coast of Scotland, three in Wales and one in Northern Ireland.

Environmental Rules Seen to Decommission Most U.K. Coal Plants

The U.K. will close most of its coal-fed power generators by 2023, leaving only three in use, as environmental regulations take effect, says the operator of the nation’s electricity grid. Aggressive shutdowns are seen to come after climate rules come into force in 2016, says Richard Smith, head of energy strategy and policy for National Grid Plc.  The country had already shut 8.2 GW of coal generation since December 2012 due to EU rules intended to cut down CO2 emissions, leaving a further 13 GW at risk of closing by 2023 under different regulations.

European Commission and Industry to Invest $3.7 Billion Euros in Biomass

The European Commission and companies including Coca-Cola Co. are investing as much as 3.7 billion euros ($5 Billion) to spur growth of the bio-energy industry. The commission will provide 975 million euros from 2014 to 2024, with the remaining amount to come from the Bio-Based Industries Consortium (BBI). The Industry group will fund research and innovation. European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science Marie Geoghegan-Quinn says that the partnership is aimed in harnessing innovative solutions to convert Europe’s waste and untapped renewable resources into greener everyday products such as  feeds, chemicals and fuels, all sourced and made in Europe.

Brazil’s Mineirao Stadium is the First World Cup Venue Completely Powered by the Sun

Brazil’s 49-year-old Mineirao stadium, located in Belo Horizonte, was recently equipped with a staggering 6,000 solar panels in time for the renowned international tournament. A project by local electricity company CEMIG, it has received the distinction of being the first ever World Cup stadium completely powered by the sun. The stadium’s 6000 rooftop solar panels double as a complete PV solar plant capable of providing power to 1,200 homes. Since the panels produce more energy than the stadium’s 1,600-MWh-per-year energy requirement, 10 percent of the excess power goes directly to regular consumers.

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