UK Will Be $30 Billion Better Off with Wind Instead of Gas, According to Report

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UK Will Be $30 Billion Better Off with Wind Instead of Gas, According to Report

A  report by Cambridge Econometrics compares the economics of gas versus offshore wind for the UK. The report concludes that UK GDP will be 0.8 per cent (US$32 billion) higher in the wind scenario than the gas by 2030. It also reports that 70,000 more full-time jobs will be created and that the UK will save around £8 billion ($13 billion) a year on gas imports by 2030 and cut its carbon emissions by two-thirds compared to the gas scenario. The report was released  24 hours before the unveiling of  the UK government’s Gas Strategy, a plan which is expected to pave the way for up to 30 new gas-fired plants.

Recycling Carbon instead of Burying it Underground

Companies such as Fulcrum BioEnergy, Lanza Tech and Sapphire Energy are working on technologies that will transform waste gases like CO and CO2 from energy intensive industries into fuels and chemicals. So, instead of storing the carbon underground, it will be reused in fuels and chemicals. In doing so, these technologies reduce overall emissions while at the same time it substitutes carbon from new fossil fuels. One reason these carbon recycling approaches are moving so quickly is that they can create value from waste.  Depending on the industry, the producer can meet regulatory requirements, potentially earn credits for COreductions, and drive revenue from products derived from emissions.

SunPower Solar Power Systems for Water Facilities Exceeds Expectations

SunPower Corp. announced that SunPower solar power systems installed at 26 water agencies in California have exceeded expectations for overall performance over the last 12  months. SunPower estimates that the systems have saved a cumulative total of approximately $5.3 million by generating the equivalent amount of electricity to power 8,800 homes. According to estimates provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, SunPower systems at the water districts have offset the production of 46.3 million pounds of carbon dioxide. This is equivalent to removing 3,800 cars from California roads, or planting nearly 4,800 acres of trees. Two more projects are under construction in the state.

Sun Power Corporation and Toshiba Extend Partnership through 2018

SunPower Corporation announced that is has extended its long-standing partnership with Toshiba through 2018. Toshiba has sold SunPower Corporation’s world leading technology solar panels since 2010, making Toshiba the efficiency leader in the Japanese residential market. Under the terms of the agreement, SunPower will provide more than 100 megawatts of its highest-efficiency residential solar panels annually exclusively to Toshiba.  Toshiba will then offer these high- efficiency solar modules to the rapidly growing Japanese residential market.  Since the start of the partnership in 2010, more than 150 MW of its high-performance solar panels was delivered in Japan.

City of Hanford Teams with Chevron and Completes First Solar Program at Wastewater Treatment Plant

City of Hanford and Chevron Energy Solutions have announced the completion of their innovative solar program which expected to reduce energy costs at the city’s waste-water treatment plant and save more than $7 million over the program’s life. The installation uses a system which automatically positions solar panels towards the sun. The program is expected to cut the City of Hanford’s electrical utility expenses by nearly 50 percent at the waste-water treatment plant and reduce the annual carbon footprint  by nearly 1,000 metric tons, an amount generated by around 200 cars. Chevron Energy Solutions designed, engineered and installed the solar system, and will perform operation and maintenance services for the City.

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