UK’s Biggest Power Plant Opens Biomass Facility

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UK’s Biggest Power Plant Opens Biomass Facility

Energy Secretary Ed Davey has recently opened the UK’s biggest renewable electricity generator at  Drax, the country’s biggest power station. It cost Drax $1.14 billion to convert three of is six coal-fired units into a biomass facility. Each biomass unit will generate enough power to meet the needs of more than a million households and deliver carbon savings of around 80 percent compared to coal, says Drax. CEO Dorothy Thompson believes that biomass is currently the only renewable that can deliver grid-scale low-carbon electricity on demand.

EU Uncertainty Poses Threat to Biofuel Output Target, Says Agra CEAS

Regulatory uncertainty in the European Union means biofuel production in the region may not meet targets as investors are hesitating to take on new projects, says Agra best online casino CEAS Consulting. According to EU mandate, ten percent of fuel used for transportation should come from sources by the end of the decade. But recently, there has been a dramatic slowdown in biofuel project investments in the EU bloc, according to the emailed report from Agra. Discussions on changes to the mandates have been highly polarized and inconclusive, thereby discouraging investors from building new plants, adds Agra.

U.S. Eases Wind Power Bird-Death Mandate

The U.S. Interior Department eased on restrictions designed to reduce the threat from wind farms that kill federally protected eagles. Wind farm owners may now extend for as long as 30 years permits that exempt them from federal regulations against the accidental killing of protected eagles, says the Interior Department. The fee to apply for a permit is $36,000, with each five-year review costing $2,600. According to the Wildlife society, wind farms killed about 573,000 birds in the U.S. last year.

Dubai Will Add 50 MW of Solar Before World Expo 2020

Dubai will spend about $100 million to add 50 MW of solar power by the time the sheikdom hosts the World Expo 2020 exhibition, says consultant Access Advisory.  The new capacity will certainly help Dubai in meeting its target of generating half the additional power needed to run the Expo from renewable sources.  Dubai is the first Middle Eastern city to win a bid of hosting the event in its 162-year history. The emirate expects to attract 25 million visitors during the six-month show starting on October 20, 2020.

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