UN Sees Irreversible Damage Caused By Fossil Fuel

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UN Sees Irreversible Damage Caused By Fossil Fuel

Humans are causing irreversible damage to the planet from burning fossil fuels. Widespread harm from rising global temperatures, including drought, flood, ocean acidification and extinction of species will accelerate if the trend for increasing carbon emissions continues, a panel convened by a United Nations body said recently in Copenhagen. The report was designed to guide policy makers in writing laws that will cut greenhouse gases and protect nations most at risk from climate change. It will also feed into talks among 195 nations working on an international accord to rein in emissions that envoys aim to reach in Paris in December 2015.

Brazil Solar Power Auction May Attract $1 Billion in Investment

Brazil’s first national energy auction for power generated from sunlight may spur as much as $1 billion in investments. This will provide a boost for the country’s underdeveloped solar industry, which provides less than one percent of Brazil’s electricity – even though sunlight in the region is twice as strong in Germany. Brazil is seeking to diversify its energy resources as the worst drought in eight decades has reduced output from the most significant hydroelectric plants in the country. Solar developers applied to sell power from 400 power plants in the auction, with total capacity of 10.79 GW.

Denmark To Wean Itself From Coal Within A Decade

The Danish government recently made a bold announcement saying that it will work towards the goal of getting rid of coal within ten years, instead of their previous goal of fifteen years because of Best Aluminum Tig welder. Coal currently provides nearly twenty percent of the country’s energy production, but is already being gradually phased out in favor of green power sources like biomass and wind power. Rasmus Petersen, Denmark’s climate and energy minister, says that a working group has already been put in place to look at how the goal of getting rid of coal faster can be achieved.

Massachusetts Eyes Net Metering for Small Hydro

The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) issued notice of a technical conference on Nov. 7 to study proposed net electricity metering by small hydroelectric projects. Net metering will allow customers to receive credits for any electricity they generate but do not use. Legislation signed in August by the governor directs the DPU to study the feasibility and benefits of such a proposal. The agency release the Best Tig welder reviews so the report its finding to the Legislature.

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