U.S. Tops Brazil As Top Ethanol Producer Of 2010

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The EIA receives a boost in funding in Obama’s 2012 budget proposal, what country tops the list of greatest ethanol producers in 2010 and Norway begins using hydrogen-fueled buses.

EIA Receives Additional Funding in FY 2012 Budget

President Obama’s 2012 budget request for the DOE includes $124 million for the Energy Information Administration (EIA). This is quite the upgrade from the $13.4 million the agency received as a part of the fiscal year 2010 budget. The EIA is the statistical and analytical agency in the DOE that collects and reports energy information to promote policy-making and public understanding of the energy sector. As a part of the increased funding, the EIA receive an additional $7 million for expanded surveys of energy consumption in homes and buildings. This will help quantify energy use measurements to improve energy efficiency programs. Another $1.4 million will go toward better data coverage and improvements in the Weekly Petroleum Status Report.

Bangladesh Energy Firm gets Solar Technology from Global Firm

Bangladesh’s Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy will soon be on its way to manufacturing photovoltaic modules. Spire Corp., a global solar company, is providing capital equipment and manufacturing lines to its Bangladeshi counterpart. “Sixty-five percent of Bangladesh is not connected to the national grid, making electricity scarce and expensive so the solar market is growing,” said Roger G. Little, Chairman and CEO of Spire Corporation in a release. “Spire is providing Rahimafrooz with an advanced module manufacturing line capable of assembling 20MW per year of solar modules.”


US Tops List of Greatest Ethanol Producers in 2010

The U.S. was the number one producer of ethanol in 2010, according to the Global Biofuels Outlook to 2020. The U.S. produced more than 13.47 billion gallons of ethanol last year. Brazil followed with 7.1 billion gallons of gasoline as the second biggest producer. Both countries represent 82 percent of world ethanol production. China holds third place, far behind Brazil and the U.S., producing only 713 million gallons. The U.S. is also the leading global biodiesel production with a capacity of 1.56 billion gallons. Germany is close behind at 1.3 billion gallons.

Dynamic Solar Completes Installation in NJ and Begins Work in PA

Dynamic Solar completed a 300-kW rooftop project in New Jersey. The company has also started work on a 792-kW ground-mounted system in Stevens, PA. The New Jersey installation is atop four Clayton’s Self Storage locations across the state. The other system was ordered by John F. Martin & Sons Inc. Upon completion in May 2011, the system will be the largest of its kind in Pennsylvania. According to the EPA, the solar panels will be the equivalent of removing 25,000 tons of CO2.

Hydrogen Fuel Buses in Norway

Ballard Power Systems is now developing fuel cell power modules for hydrogen fuel buses in Norway. The buses will be operated by the HyNor Oslo Buss group for regular passenger service by the end of 2011. As a result, the Oslo busses will eliminate up to 4,000 tons of CO2 in the first five years of their use. Funding is provided by Norwegian state and municipal governments and the EU’s Joint Technology Initiative.

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