US Clean Jobs Market Surges With Over 2.6 Million Postings

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US Clean Jobs Market Surges With Over 2.6 Million Postings

According to Ecotech Institute’s Clean Job Index, the US clean job sector saw a dramatic increase in the first half of 2014, pushing 2,637,133 job postings, which amounts to an 88% increase over the same period a year earlier. The report highlights clean jobs as defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which says that a clean job is part of business that conserves natural resources or one that benefits the environment.

EPA Sued for Failing to Make Polluters Pay

Seven environmental advocacy groups have filed a lawsuit against the Environemntal Protection Agency for allowing polluters to get off the hook for contamination they caused. Earthjustice claims that the EPA failed to issue key rules mandated by the Comprehensive Environment Response, Compensation, and Liability Act, also known as the Superfund Act, that would help prevent  major spills of hazardous substances as well as making polluters pay to clean up their own mess. Earthjustice say that polluters are playing the system by declaring bankruptcy, opting out of their financial obligations and skipping town on their mess.

China Urges Public to Walk and Ride Bikes to Cut Smog

The Chinese government has issued a list urging people to do everything from walking, riding bicycles to buying products with less packaging. Identifying public participation s a key element in its efforts to combat pollution and reverse some of the environmental damage done by more than three decades of economic growth, citizens are also urged to refrain from burning garbage and limit the use of fireworks and barbecues.  The public is also encouraged to take responsibility for pollution by reporting illegal behavior to the authorities.

California May Waive Environmental Mandates to Land Gigafactory

The bidding war for Tesla’s Gigafactory continues to heat up, especially now that it has already broken ground in Nevada. Though Nevada seems to have the advantage, California is not backing down by proposing a $500 million incentive package including an environmental regulations waiver that would speed up the building process. The 25-year old California Environmental Quality Act pose serious hurdles to building such a massive factory as state officials are prone to taking a long time to thoroughly review such applications. The proposed waiver will allow Tesla to skip the lengthy review process, allowing the $5 billion project to get-up-and-running as soon as possible.

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