US Wind Energy: Going Strong

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US Wind Energy: Going Strong

According to the American Wind Energy Association’s annual report, wind energy growth has been increasing in the past 5 years. Wind power brought in as much as $20 billion annually in private investment to the U.S. It also became one of largest providers of new American electric generation with 35 percent of all new power capacity, right behind natural gas. The U.S. wind industry installed 6,816 megawatts (MW) in 2011 which is 31 percent higher than 2010. And there are more than 8,300 MW under construction for 2012.


First Triple Junction Solar Reference Cell Launched By Minolta

Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc. (KMSA) recently launched its AK-120/130/140 Photovoltaic (PV) Reference Cells, the world’s first triple junction solar reference cells. Reference cells are used as a standard point of calibration to ensure consistent measurements of newly developed photovoltaic cells. This first triple junction solar reference cell has been uniquely designed using an optical filter mounted on a stable crystalline silicon solar cell.


Greece and Italy Focuses on Solar Industry For Economic Stability

In order to rebuild their struggling economies, Greece and Italy reached out to the solar industry. Both countries see the solar industry as a key component of an economic revival, and thus, focuses on it.

For Greece, this means investing in solar generation in a move that could make it a major energy player across Europe. The nation wants to convert its abundant solar resource into an export business.

For Italy, the country is looking to push its renewable energy target to 35 percent by 2020. It is now the world’s second biggest solar market after Germany. And the country hopes to address some of the issues while creating a more sustainable framework.


FirstEnergy Solutions To Provide Green Power To Avon Lake Municipal Utilities

Avon Lake Municipal Utilities is extending for an additional year an agreement with FirstEnergy Solutions to supply renewable electric generation to the Water Filtration Plant, Water Pollution Control Center and other facilities through December 2014. This new partnership allowed Avon Lake to save the greenhouse gas equivalent of 600 cars on the road per year and save 5 percent on energy costs.


Geothermal Energy In The US: Slow But Steady Growth

The geothermal industry faces many challenges such as uncertain federal policies. Despite this, the industry has continued to grow. According to the Geothermal Energy Association, a 91 MW of newly installed U.S. capacity was added in the past year. With this addition, the U.S. now has a total of 3,177 MW of capacity, which far outpaces the rest of the world.

California leads the eight states that boast any geothermal capacity with 2,615 MW online and 2,000 MW in the pipeline. Nevada is close behind with 59 projects in development.




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