Utah Schools to Install 73 Solar Arrays

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Johnson Controls helps Utah schools go solar, a coal to biomass plant conversion in the works in Bakersfield, California, and Pennsylvania cars to consume more E-85 fuel.

The First of 73 Solar Arrays Completed in Utah

Johnson Controls announced the completion of its solar installation project at Hillside Middle School in Utah, one of the 73 state schools for which the company is designing and installing solar arrays. The Utah State Energy Program chose Johnson Controls for the project to install at least one solar array in each of Utah’s 41 school districts. The company will install five kilowatt PV systems funded by a $3 million grant from the American Recover and Reinvestment Act sponsored by the DOE. Solar for Schools will also teach students the benefits of alternative and renewable energy sources. The 73 arrays, once completed, are expected to remove 8,000 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

DTE Energy Service to Convert Mt.Poso Plant to Biomass Fuels

DTE Energy Services will operate and co-lead the 49.5-megawatt Mt. Poso Cogeneration Company in Bakersfield, California. DTE will work to convert the plant to 100 percent biomass fuel obtained from agricultural residues, tree trimmings, and urban wood waste. The Mt. Poso plant currently uses a mix of coal, petroleum coke, and a tire-derived fuel for its operations. After the conversion to biofuels, the plant will produce sufficient power to provide electricity to 35,000 homes.  All changes are expected to be in place by 2012 and DTE looks forward to adding another coal-to-biomass conversion to its collection.  A similar conversion is underway in Cassville, Wisconsin and the company manages two biomass power plants in Woodland, California and Mobile, Alabama.

Convenience Store Provides Ethanol Fuels for Drivers

Sheetz, a family owned and operated chain of convenience stores in Pennsylvania, now offers its consumers an energy efficient blend of fuel that uses 85 percent Ethanol. Three of its Pittsburg locations and three Harrisburg locations will have the new E-85 blend that is both cost and energy efficient. Though not all cars can use the E-85 fuel, many newer models are equipped with the flexibility to use both regular and the Ethanol blend. Sheetz will provide informational publications regarding vehicles and fuel efficiency using environmentally friendly alternatives such as the E-85.

Clean Power Technologies Improves their Heat Recovery Landfill Unit

Clean Power Technologies have succeeded in harnessing wasteful exhaust to create renewable energy. Their Heat Recovery Landfill unit produced electricity from the exhaust heat of a combustion engine generator that operates on gas recovered from the landfill. The machine produced about 27 kilowatts of electricity, a ten percent increase in electrical power for the grid. The company is currently upgrading their units to operate with a gas engine that works at double the KW the initial engine used (250 KW). The Heat Recovery Landfill unit produces a voltage without the addition of any fuel or the emission of harmful toxins and such technology can be applied to improve other combustion engine generators.

Alternative Energy for Peru

Peru plans six new renewable energy initiatives for 2012 to produce 200 MW of power using alternative energy. As per the plan, three wind farms and three solar farms  will begin operations in 2012. The wind farms will be built mostly in the north, while solar farms are to be located in the south, according to the Ministry of Energy and Mines in Peru.

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