Walmart Adding Thin Film Solar To Its Renewable Energy Portfolio

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Constellation Energy increases its demand response portfolio and is named to a Sustainability Index, where was the San Bruno, California pipeline located in PG&E’s Top 100 list, and Walmart to add thin film solar to more than 20 locations.

Constellation Energy, looking to build its demand response portfolio is buying CPower, a leading energy management and demand response company. By purchasing CPower, which manages about 850 megawatts of demand response capacity, Constellation will be able to almost double its total demand response capacity to 1,500 megawatts. Constellation Energy has also announced that they have been included in the 2010 Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for North America. The DJSI is a financial tracking index of sustainability-focused businesses. This is the fifth time that the company has been named to the Sustainability index.

In an effort to supply its customers with more information about the condition of its pipelines, PG&E released a Top 100 list of pipelines that are currently on casino the companies watch list.  The pipeline in San Bruno, California, which killed 4 people and completely burned down 37 homes, was not included in the Top 100 list. A toll free number has been made available to customers who are interested in finding out if any of the pipelines are located near their homes.

Walmart announced yesterday that the company, in an effort to lower their carbon footprint, has decided to purchase lighter and less expensive thin film solar panel systems. The goal is to generate 20-30% of a location’s generation capacity through renewable energy. SolarCity has been selected to install the new thin film solar power systems on 20-30 new sites in California and Aritzona. Walmart current has 31 solar installations in California and Hawaii. The project will help create more than 500 jobs.

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