Wellinghoff Demand Reponse Plan Proposes Equal Treatment Among Suppliers And Consumers

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For those who want a say in how a National Plan for Demand Response will work have approximately 30 days to make your suggestions known. This was communicated today by Jon Wellinghoff, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Chairman at the Alliance to Save Energy’s 2010 Policy Summit – Energy Efficiency Opportunities Across the Smart Grid. Wellinghoff commented that he is trying to ensure that any Demand Response plan that is put into action will need to be advantageous for both the supply side and the demand side. He argues that if consumers help stabilize the grid through their smarter homes and vehicles, then they should be paid just like power generators. Wellinghoff cited that an owner of an electric car could be paid $7-10 per day for plugging their car into the grid because the car would have the ability to help stabilize the volatility of the load on the grid.

Other speakers at the Summit included Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) and the “Father of Energy Efficiency”, Arthur Rosenfeld. Shaheen was hopeful that some type of an energy bill would be passed by the end of the year. She said that she was working hard to have Home Star legislation, a national and electric vehicle and renewable energy standard included in the bill but gave no guarantees. Rosenfeld who is a former California Energy Commissioner had a few minutes to speak about the impact of the “white roof” on residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Rosenfeld explained calculations that showed that a building owner could receive a one time offset of 10 tons of CO2 or $250 (if you sold the carbon on the market) by resurfacing your roof with a white material that has a solar reflectance instead of at least 0.60 instead of one that is dark, and reflect only 10-20% of the sunlight.

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