World-class scientific research sponsor The Novim Group releases BEST climate change study visualization today for free via “Just Science” iPad and iPhone app

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San Francisco, CA — December 1, 2011 — Fueled by an aim to resolve widespread public and scientific criticisms of incumbent studies on the global surface temperature record (the key indicator of climate change), Novim initiated and sponsored the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) study to conduct a new scientific analysis of global climate change.

The BEST team – which includes MacArthur Prize-winning Faculty Senior Scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Richard Muller (Chair) and 2011 Nobel Laureate in Physics Saul Perlmutter – released their study to the public on October 21. For the first time, an interactive visualization of such a study is now available for general viewing via a free mobile application for Apple’s iPad and iPhone devices.

The app, named “Just Science” to highlight its relinquishing of political agenda and its focus on data-driven facts (the “just” in “justice”), features an interactive picture of the world which displays how the Earth’s land temperature changed between 1800 and 2009. Users are provided a color- coded video map of climate change, and they can explore details by zooming into geographic regions, changing playback speeds to search for trends, and visiting Wikipedia to reference concurrent world history.

“The advantage of distributing the study on a mobile device is that it gives anyone, regardless of scientific background, the ability to see climate change,” says Nick Orenstein, Novim’s Director of Mobile Applications like unlock iphone 5 . “We want the general public and scientists alike to have easy-to- understand, informative access to the science that matters to us all.”

The Novim Group ( is a non-profit based in Santa Barbara, CA which has funded and overseen two global scientific research projects: a Climate Engineering Study Group report and the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature study. Novim was founded in 2008 with a mission to assemble teams of high profile, high-caliber researchers from top research universities and government agencies around the world to tackle major scientific issues.

Novim’s Executive Director Michael Ditmore says that “Novim convenes teams of scientists to analyze global issues which contain a significant scientific component, and due to their controversial nature, have become difficult to discuss. We then publish their findings without advocacy.”

Just Science plans to continue its mission of educating everyone on the science behind urgent problems facing mankind. In the future, the app will add new interactive visualizations of Novim’s studies – such as a proposed CO2 levers project to study viable ways to lower the world’s carbon footprint.

For additional information, please email Nick Orenstein,


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