Zero Waste Reality Show Airing in Austin

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Zero Waste Reality TV Show Airs in Texas

Four Austin, Tex. Families have five weeks to reduce their household trash to zero on the new reality TV show, Dare to Go Zero premiering on Earth Day. The show, produced by the City of Austin, is the first reality show designed to educate residents on how to eliminate trash to reach zero waste. It is a reflection of Austin’s goal to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills by 90 percent by 2040. What is the prize for the families documenting their waste reduction: a sustainable home improvement package worth over $2,000. The challenge begins this Friday, April 22.


Minnesota Leading Twin Cities Challenge

The Twin Cities Clean Cities Coalition, based in Saint Paul, Minn., is the nation’s top program, according to the Department of Energy’s rankings. The city has displaced more than 135 million gallons of gasoline between 2005 and 2009. The Clean Cities program was developed by the DOE to facilitate the entry of alternative fuel vehicles and reduce cities’ dependence on foreign oil imports. Minnesota has over 360 ethanol blend stations, more than any other state, and was also the first state to require a five percent biodiesel blend.


Offshore Wind Farm Approved

The nation’s first offshore wind farm has received all nods to begin construction this fall. The controversial Cape Wind project off the Nantucket, Mass. Sound has received approval from the Interior Department for its 130 wind turbines. Gaining this approval took the better part of ten years because of concerns voiced about possible environmental harm as a result of the turbines. Another issue, brought up by the late Sen. Edward Kennedy was the ruin of the landscape’s aesthetic appeal and the lowering of property value for real estate near the wind farm’s tall turbines.


Energy Research Facility Awarded Millions in Funding

An additional $130 million is being allotted to the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) to develop five additional clean energy projects. One of the projects involves the production of more efficient plants that can yield greater biofuel production to make the option cost-competitive with oil. Another project aims to improve high-energy thermal storage as over 90 percent of energy technologies involve thermal energy transport. Another research goal will work to find substitutes for increasingly expensive rare earth minerals used in equipment such as electric vehicle motors.


Vestas Turbines used for Canadian Wind Farm


A Canadian wind project is underway to add 104-megawatts of energy to the Canadian market. Vestas has been chosen to provide the wind turbines for the initiative and the company has also been contracted for a 10-year service and maintenance agreement. So far this year, Vestas has already supplied over 1,000 turbines to Canada for a total of 1,683-megawatts of wind power generating capacity. However, the company has not specified the buyer for this particular contract, saying only that it is a Canadian wind facility.

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